Tips for Buying The best Table Saw

For all serious woodworkers; a table saw is the most reliable tool that they can add to their bounty. Whether looking for the best table saw for under 300 or even at a higher budget; you need to keep certain considerations in mind. Let’s throw light on a few.

  • Type of table saw

The first consideration is deciding on the kind of table saw. The most common types are benchtop, portable, and stationary variety. Lacking a stand, a benchtop table saw is ideal for hobbyists and small workshops. Slightly larger than the benchtop; the portable varieties come with a stand and can be easily carried as per your convenience. They are also ideal for fora small workshops. Stationary table saws are the largest and heaviest of all and unmovable. These are ideal for large workshops.

  • Table saw blades

The next consideration is the table saw’s blades. A table saw would be useless if it is not cutting right. The blades need to be assessed on the basis of their diameter, number of teeth, arbor size, kerf size, speed, the material of construction as well as their application. Reading reviews of various table saw gives you insight as to which blade is most near to perfection.

  • Fence and miter gauge

An essential component of any table saw; it is the fence which makes all the difference between two table saws. A T-square fence is most preferred as it boasts of terrific design and excellent accuracy. For making crosscuts and angled cuts, a miter gauge proves crucial. Thus, looking into them is a great idea.

  • Safety

You cannot afford to ignore the safety features of a table saw. Thus, a table saw with features like anti-kickback, splitters, flesh detection, riving knives, and others are well worth the price.

Apart from these, you may also look into plenty of other features like the motor, accessories, ease of use, price, etc.


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