How To Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet

I know a hot cup of coffee how boosts up your every morning. But splitting coffee on your favourite carpet, especially if it is light coloured, could be a disaster. However, you are very careful while carrying your cup of coffee, but you never know when crap happens. Well, here I will give you a few solutions on how to remove coffee stains from carpet. Who am I? I am professional carpet cleaners in Dayton ohio.

Whether the stain is old or new, I have tried here to show you ways to get rid of stains from even carpet with special fabric. So let’s start to remove that smudge due to coffee which is ruining the beauty of your carpet.

Earlier action better solution

It is always better to take action at the preliminary stage. This means, when the stain is new, you should take steps to remove it from your carpet. This increases the chances of removing the spot completely from your carpet. And also it will be easier and less effortless for you to accomplish the task. So if you want to minimize using complicated techniques to remove coffee stains from carpet, you better try for it earlier.

The natural way to remove coffee stains from carpet

The homemade solution to remove coffee stain can be applied for all type of carpet stains that are new and still wet. Main additives of this method are- baking soda, white vinegar, mild detergent and a spray bottle.

Try to clean the carpet very gently with the detergent. Stay away from rubbing the liquid cleaner into the carpet as it could make cleaning the spot difficult. With the spray bottle, spray some water on the top of the cleaning area. Dab dry by using a paper towel. To absorb the leftover moisture smear some baking soda on the top. Let it sit for a few minutes and apply the vacuum cleaner to clean the treated area.

Although this technique should be sufficient to remove coffee stains from the carpet; if still some spot is there in the carpet, apply a composite of equated parts of white vinegar and water on the stained area and after completion let it dry.

Removing coffee stains with commercial stain remover

When the coffee stain is old, removing it from the carpet is quite a tough task and you are going to need commercial stain remover for this. For this method, you will need cold water, clean white clothes, stain remover, dish soap, and ammonia depending on the wool-blended or non-wool carpet.

It starts as similar to natural stain removing process; soften the stained area by spearing water on it. Add 3 drops of gentle dish soap into a cup of water. Apply and continue to blemish it away following in turn with a dry and wet cloth. Depending on your carpet type (non-wool/wool blended), you can mix one tablespoon of ammonia into a cup of water. Apply it and wait for 3-5 minutes. But it is better to test this mixture in any hidden corner of the carpet to be sure of that it won’t harm the colour of your carpet. To rinse the stain and dry it up, use altering towel blotting with water and dry. The process is accomplished when you blot the area with a dry towel and is fully dry.

Another natural easy way to remove coffee stains from carpet is using salt and water. To soften the stain, spray a little water on it and then spear salt. Salt helps to lighten the colour of stain by drawing out the coffee as well as water. Now use the vacuum to clean the salt and apply a stain remover to remove the leftover stain.

You can also add some lemon juice with stain remover. It is a good ingredient to male dark stains lighter. This method will help you to remove coffee stains fast from the carpet.

Using beer is also helpful at removing wet or dried coffee spots. Pour some beer on the spot and consume the moisture with a white paper towel or cloth.

You will find a wide range of cleaning solutions to get rid of old coffee pills. These commercial stain removers are powerful as well as non-toxic.

Different methods to apply to different kind of carpet fabrics

If your carpet is of natural fabric, then you can simply remove the coffee stains by applying water on it and absorb the moisture with paper towels. But, if the material of your carpet is nylon or olefin, you need to be very careful so that the moisture doesn’t get locked inside the fabric. This will produce bad odour and creates possibilities for mould growth. These types of carpet fabrics are extremely stain-resisting and mostly need to be soaked out of the fabrics. But if it is an older stain, you need to use a commercial stain remover that is particularized for nylon and olefin carpets.  Polyester carpets need water and white vinegar to remove coffee stains from it. But you should avoid rubbing while removing coffee pills from this type of carpet. Spray an equalized mixture of water and white vinegar on the spotted area and gently clean with a sponge. Soak it up with paper towels or cotton cloth.

Things to consider while removing coffee stains from carpet

Always remember to read and understand the applying rules of natural as well as commercial cleaning methods. Whether it is a newly made stain or an older one, don’t forget to take a test of the cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area of the carpet first. Wait for a few times and carefully follow if any discolouration or other changes occurs, as some type of carpets is sensitive to stain removing solution. If that is the case, you should go for another method of removing a coffee stain from the carpet.

If you still can’t understand. You can contact us.

Guys don’t be mad if you got spilt coffee on your expensive favourite carpet. Even if you don’t get time to clean it now, you can do it later on with any of above-mentioned methods. So, enjoy your coffee time and forget worrying about the coffee stains!

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