Green Blob

2024 Textures & Patterns: Top Trends in Decor

Biophilic Design

Connect your space to the outdoors with textures and patterns inspired by nature.

Luxurious Art Deco Revival

Rediscover glamour with luxurious materials and bold geometric patterns.

Soft Scandi Simplicity

Blend comfort with minimalism through muted colors and cozy materials.

Worldly Patterns

Celebrate global culture with eclectic tribal patterns and vibrant prints.

Retro Vibes Return

Step back in time with '60s and '70s inspired bold patterns and vibrant colors.

Eco-Friendly Design

Emphasize sustainability with handcrafted items and eco-conscious materials.

Subtle Textured Minimalism

Experience understated elegance with monochromatic textures and neutral tones.

Lush Botanical Luxury

Create a lush indoor garden with oversized floral and botanical prints.

Redefine Your Space in 2024