"Unsellable Houses"

Dive into how "Unsellable Houses" revitalizes failing listings with innovative designs.

Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind the Designs

Get to know Lyndsay and Leslie, the twin sisters turning drab to fab.

Location's Influence

Location's Influence

See how the Pacific Northwest influences each property's renovation style.

Top Design Strategies for Maximum Impact

Discover their strategies for enhancing home appeal to wow the market.

Reviving a 70s Bungalow

Witness the transformation of a 1970s bungalow into a modern marvel.

Modernizing a Traditional Craftsman Home

From dark and dated to bright and airy—a Craftsman home reborn.

Personalizing Your Space

Balance personal style with market appeal for a unique yet sellable home.

Chic on a Shoestring

Chic on a Shoestring

Achieve luxury looks without the luxury price tag with expert tips.

Green Designs that Sell

Emphasize sustainability with eco-friendly materials that attract buyers.

Recap transformative design insights that can help sell any home.