How to Increase Your Car’s Horsepower

Most car manufacturers are keen on increasing fuel mileage and minimizing maintenance cost; therefore, you might have to take the initiative to enhance the car’s horsepower. Antwerpen Hyundai Catonsville dealership offers different techniques to increase an automobile’s speed and performance.

Tips on How to Enhance Your Car’s Performance 

Minimize the Car’s Weight

For the vehicle to attain maximum horsepower, it shouldn’t carry heavy luggage. Also, it enables it to accelerate faster.There are many ways to cheat if not beat beat nature’s force of gravity.

Install a Smooth Exhaust System

You can install an efficient and free-flowing exhaust system. It significantly increases the horsepower. Automobiles with a supercharger often showcase an improved performance. Many engines perform well when there is a free-flowing exhaust.

Test Piping

A car owner can procure test piping. It is a system that runs from the catalytic converter to the exhaust pipe. It significantly enhances the car’s performance. Measure the width of your catalytic converter’s pipe. You can hire a mechanic to install it, or you can do it remotely by cutting off the worn out exhaust pipe and welding a new one.

Buy a Quality Aftermarket Air Filter

Purchase a free-flow filter that suits your car. By installing it, you record an increased horsepower. Open the car’s hood, locate and remove its air filter system. Be cautious while unscrewing it to avoid contaminating it.

Discard the old filter and clean the filter housing with a damp cotton cloth. However, most aftermarket air filters allow particulate matter to enter into the engine and filters if you don’t maintain them well. Moreover, they could also spray oil into the car’s intake. It primarily damages the mass air flow (MAF) sensors.

Supercharge and Turbocharge Options

Installing a supercharger or a turbocharger involves rebuilding the engine and upgrading its stress-bearing components. Although it is expensive, it’s the most efficient method to enhance a car’s horsepower. There are different types of superchargers available at the Antwerpen Hyundai Catonsville dealership;

  • Root superchargers: They are the cheapest and systems found in racing cars. Root superchargers funnel air through an intake manifold to provide energy.
  • Twin screw superchargers: They illegal in some states due to their loud noise. However, they suck air through lobes. Its then trapped inside rotor housing and compressed by a tapering device.
  • Centrifugal superchargers: They pull pressurized air into the compressor with a powerful impeller. It can quickly exceed 60,000 RPM hence making them the most efficient superchargers.

Most performance modifications might minimize the engine’s fuel economy. You should hire a certified technician to perform them. Antwerpen Hyundai Catonsville dealership serves clients from Baltimore, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia. We offer affordable engine performance services to our customers.

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