Organize Your Kitchen With Hook Fasteners

You never thought about using loop tape in the kitchen? Maybe you do already, but you don’t know what hook fasteners are, but ‘velcro’ we all know what that is, or we think we do. Cable wraps, touch tape, tie wraps, hook & loop fasteners, erroneously called ‘velcro,’ which is spelled by it’s legal brand name as VELCRO®, has been changing the lives of people around the world in very small ways that can create a very large and positive impact, including in your kitchen

Inside & Outside Cabinet Solutions

Keep your kitchen cabinets ordered on both sides with various types of Rip-Locks and cinch strap fasteners. The greatest part about hook fasteners is they can function even when they’re wet, which makes loop tape perfect in the kitchen.

Inside Cabinets: Don’t Let Wires Hang Around

Do your electrical plugs fall out into your face to hang like snakes when you open the cabinet that stores the backup cooking appliances?

Some people think a rubber-band or bread-tie is enough for re-wrapping wires, but cable fasteners can last several decades depending on the hook-and-loop manufacturing techniques and webbing and weave strengths. Rubber-bands usually snap over time and are destroyed after heat exposure and bread ties are easy to lose.

For storing cooking appliances such as waffle irons and juicers, add a cable wrap with an elastic loop or buckle attachment to each kitchen tool that needs to be plugged into an outlet. Having a piece of tie wrap connected to the kitchen appliance makes it so that you never lose the tie wrap and the plug won’t fall out of the cabinet and into your face.

Outside Cabinets: Hang Smartphone, Tablet, & More

Most hardware stores and even office supply stores carry adhesive cable catchers in the hook fastener aisle. Typically used in the computer tech industry to keep computer wires from damage and jostling by holding cables to the desk or wall, there are several ways it can help organize your kitchen.

In the kitchen, stick a piece of cable catch to the outside or even the inside of your cabinet and hang your cellphone or tablet so you can easily read recipes from your device without getting your phone messy. For larger devices, you may need to add an extra attachment to the case of your phone such as a ring phone holder to thread the hook tape to hold the phone on the cabinet with the cable catcher.

String Fun Lights For Late Night Visiting

Use the cable catch to decorate your kitchen with rope lights for added ambiance easily. Sticking a piece of adhesive tie wrapto the bottom of the cabinet, around window frames, or even the ceiling can make for an easy way to switch lights throughout the season and provide a nightlight for guests who like to stay up late and hang out in the kitchen.

Sheath Your Mighty Recipe Pen

Sometimes you need a trusted pen you know works every time and won’t bleed ink when it gets wet. Using the same adhesive cable catch, attach a piece to your cabinet door, fridge, wall, or inside a drawer. A cable catcher will ensure that your favorite recipe pen is where you need it most.

Wooden Spoons On The Wall

Instead of keeping your large handled cooking utensils in a ceramic vase on the counter, strap some of the long-handled spoons to the inside of your cupboard or the side of the fridge using the cable catch adhesive loop tape.

Think Outside The Kitchen Box

Once you get going, you start to realize there’s a lot of ways to incorporate hook-and-loop fasteners to make cooking and cleaning your kitchen quick and easy. Don’t stop at these suggestions, think like an engineer and you’ll be surprised at what you can hang in the kitchen with a loop fastener cable tie.

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