What to Consider when Exploring Plant Hire?

You have just completed purchasing a home of your dream in Kent and are thinking about digging the yard to lay a new garden. Gardener apart, you also require a digger to dig out the soil before the gardener can test the soil as well as add amendments to change the alkalinity or acidity of the soil before he can start putting seeds. On the one hand, a big machine can dig more in-depth compared to a small one. On the other hand, you might find it challenging to manoeuvre a big size digger into a typical back garden. Therefore, your first task is to calculate the length and breadth of the property before choosing a plant hire Kent store.

Micro diggers are 800 millimetre wide, weigh a ton, and are ideal for navigating through narrow alleyways. This equipment can dig up to a depth of 1.5 metres to 2 metres.
Mini diggers are approximately one metre wide, weigh 1.5 tonnes, and can dig up to a depth of 2 metres to 2.5 metres but can lift more weight because of their engine size and extra weight, which acts as a counterbalance while digging.
We shall not discuss the merits of bigger diggers, as they are not typically practical for gardens.

What about the operator
You might find it challenging to handle a digger initially if you have not used them before. However, you can learn the basics if you are willing to spare a couple of hours. The lack of knowledge can delay your project. The best solution is to hire an operator along with the digger, which allows you to complete your job in double-quick time. The rental charge of a mini digger is approximately £125, inclusive of VAT but exclusive of insurance. On the contrary, you will have to pay an additional amount of £250 to £300 per day, depending on the skill of the operator.

The national or local hire shop
Local hire shops typically offer lower prices but might not be able to get the digger delivered at your chosen time. The national stores charge more, but deliver the equipment on time and often include insurance waivers. You can hire their diggers by paying the requisite amount through their website. Remember, do not opt for the first digger hire website you come across. It is better to depend on reputable plant hire Kent stores such as FGS Plant. They have a wide range of plant available for hire, along with numerous attachments. Visit their site at https://www.fgsplant.co.uk/ or call their friendly and courteous staff on 01622 713930.

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