Major Considerations When Building Your Custom Home 

Building your very own custom homes can come with a near endless list of possibilities for you and your family. Just as it indicates, a custom home gives you the chance to build the living space that is perfectly curtailed for you and your family. 

That is something that is undoubtedly very exciting! It is also something that comes with quite a lot of understandable pressure and anxiety. Afterall, you are spending a lot of money in order to make sure that the house you build is the perfect house for you. With that in mind, it is important that while you are trying to build your dream home, you are also keeping important things in the front and back of your mind as well. 

So, as you begin to plan Building A Custom New Home, here is a list of some important things – some big and some small – that you should absolutely consider. 

Consulting Expert Builders for Your Custom Home

Before diving into the important considerations of building your custom home, it’s essential to understand how to get the work done effectively. To do so, consulting expert builders is a crucial step in ensuring your vision becomes a reality. They bring the experience, craftsmanship, and project management skills necessary to navigate the complexities of construction.

To find the right fit, research builders online, including location. For instance, if you live in Southeast MI, you can search like the best Custom Home builder in Southeast MI, or the top home builder near me. Check their websites, verify their qualifications, and check references to ensure you’re partnering with a reputable and reliable team for your dream home project.

Electrical and plumbing factors to consider

There is nothing super exciting about thinking about the electrical and plumbing aspects of your custom home, but that doesn’t mean it is not crucially important. The way that you set up your electrical and plumbing of your home makes your home more efficient and safer. 

So here are some important factors related to plumbing and electric to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to prewire for cameras and security system if you desire added protection 
  • Run wire for solar install if you are interested in energy efficiency (hint, hint: you should be)
  • Run wire inside and outside of home for speaker systems 
  • Include a drain in the garage to get rid of excess water from vehicles after rain and snow 
  • Ask for larger than typical plumbing pipes to avoid blockages from toilets and sinks 
  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide unites on wall near all bedrooms and living areas 

Kitchen factors to consider

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. In fact, it is often called the heart of the home. For that reason, it is crucially important that you meticulously plan and layout every square inch of this room to make the most of the space that you have. 

Here are some of the best kitchen factor tips to keep in mind:

  • Install lots of outlets for charging and appliances. If you plan of putting appliances in on-counter cabinets, make sure to include outlets in there as well so that those appliances can live in those cabinets permanently. 
  • If you are planning on having an island in your kitchen, think about the kind of cabinets you would like to install on all sides. While these cabinets are typically not easy to get to, there are great for kitchen utensils and platters that you do not regularly use. On top of that, open cabinets on a kitchen island is a great place to house all your cookbooks. 
  • Include a built-in paper tower holder to save space
  • Consider set up for both gas and electric appliances
  • Install pantry entry from both your kitchen and garage for easy unload after trips to the grocery store 
  • Think about any specific features you will want in your kitchen and plan around those. Common features include a pull-out trash, drawers for specific times, display for fine China dishware, and more. 

Bathroom factors to consider

One of the best reasons to build a custom home is so that you can make your home work perfectly for you. This extends to the bathroom as some families desire specific things out of their master bathroom and other bathrooms around the house. So, here are some great bathroom considerations to make during your custom home build.

  • Make sure to have ample outlets in good areas for electric toothbrushes, nightlights and more 
  • Install outlets inside vanity cabinets for easy out-of-the-way charging 
  • Heated towel racks are a great thing to consider, especially if you live in an area that gets cold in the winter months 
  • If no one in your family is big on taking baths, consider getting rid of the tub entirely and install a larger and more luxurious shower enclosure 

Close space and storage organization

There’s nothing that exciting about making the most out of your storage space, but it is truly one of the most important aspects of a home. Even if you do not end up wanting to build a custom home, if you are looking for already built homes, make sure to take the storage area and the location of those areas into consideration. 

Of course, if you are building your own custom home, you get to perfectly curtail storage to you and your family. That being said, here are some fantastic closet and organization factors to keep in mind. 

  • Put outlets in larger closets for easy storage and plug-in of vacuum cleaners and other appliances
  • Make sure your closets have enough room for single space hung rods and to fit long clothes and double hung rods 
  • A full-sized pantry in your kitchen or laundry room to fit large cleaning equipment and random areas that need storage is a good idea
  • Add more closet space than you think you need for linens
  • If you have a mud room, install cubbies and hooks as well as lower hooks that are easy to reach for your growing children 
  • Motion sensor lights in pantries and closets are a good idea so that you don’t need to switch lights on and off just to grab one or two things

Outdoor area

This is an especially important part of the home if you are thinking about living in a destination area like a beach town or mountain village. Even if you don’t live in those areas, however, keeping your backyard or patio in mind is crucial 

Here are some great outdoor area factors to keep in mind:

  • Run a conduit underneath the driveway for future plumbing and wiring needs
  • Prewire for outdoor speakers in your backyard
  • Make sure that you have outdoor outlets on every side of the house and on any raised area you may have 
  • Install permanent sprinklers if you have a large grass area
  • Pre-wire for motion sensor lighting around all entrances and exits of the home 
  • Lay down a down a gas line to a grilling area if you like to grill

While some of these factors certainly depend on what you and your family want out of your home, hopefully this list has gotten your brain thinking about what you might want out of your custom build home. 

Good luck! 

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