How to Choose a Renovation or Remodeling Contractor

Renovation and remodelling projects can be fun when you’re still dreaming up the improvements you want for your property. The reality of it, however, is that such projects can be quite stressful and expensive, more so if you hire a contractor who isn’t quite up to the job.

Finding the right people who can spruce up your property or bring it back into tiptop shape is necessary to make sure that your project will be completed according to the highest standards of safety and craftsmanship. We’ve outlined a few pointers below to help you find the right professionals who can work on your renovation or remodelling requirements.

Figure out the scope of your project

The words “renovation” and “remodelling” are often used interchangeably, but in practice, they refer to different types of projects with different scopes. Renovation, also called “restoration,” typically involves updating and refreshing the look of an old or worn-out space. This means fittings, fixtures, and architectural elements that are dilapidated or broken are repaired and restored so as to bring a space back to (mostly) its original condition. Few changes are made to the overall layout, themes, and intended function of the space. This means a renovated office or living space will usually still have the same look, features, and purpose after the project is done.

A remodel, on the other hand, does not always imply that the space needs repair. In fact, it usually means a more drastic set of changes will be implemented. Spaces may be completely converted for another purpose, for example, and its overall look and layout may be partially or totally overhauled.

Simple renovations can often be done by most contractors, but a complete remodel—especially of bathrooms, kitchens, and basements that may require a plumbing system upgrade can be too complex for some service providers. The same can be said of projects that involve the remodelling of an entire home or even a whole office building, as well as projects which may require an overhaul of the entire property’s HVAC or electrical network. 

Complex projects such as extensive renovations and remodelling are usually best done by a professional multi-service contractor that can handle all aspects of construction.

Choose from a selection of vetted professional service contractors

You’ll find that even companies with similar capabilities may specialise in different types of projects. This means you don’t want to get the first contractor you find. Consult people in your community who have had renovation or remodelling work done recently, and make sure to ask for their opinions and referrals. You can also search for different contractors and full-service companies online to find local businesses that specialise in the type of renovation or remodelling work you require.

Choose a contractor whose workers are qualified, insured, and police-cleared

You’ll want to be assured that the professional service company you choose sends qualified people to work on your project. After all, you wouldn’t want to pay for substandard work that could also potentially pose a risk to your well-being. 

It’s also important that these workers safety is handled responsibly by their company and their insurer. Should an accident occur in your home that requires the hospitalisation, recovery and/or any rehabilitation is adequately covered, including the loss of wages and medical bills.

Finally, since you will be letting in people who are essentially strangers into your home, you’ll also want to ensure that they are vetted for any criminal history. As such, you should ask your prospective contractor whether or not their workers are police-cleared. 

Clear up project guidelines before you sign any contract

You’ll also want to clear up the scope of the project, as well as different ground rules for workers before they start working in your property. You’ll need to specify when you want them to show up, as well as identify the facilities and materials that you will be providing for their use. If there are rooms and other areas in your property that you don’t want them to have access to during the project, this should be made clear before any workers arrive to start work on your project.

Choose a company you’re comfortable communicating with

Renovation and remodelling projects can take a long time, and miscommunication can easily cause the project expenses and timetable to spiral out of control. To avoid this, it’s important to choose a contractor that practises effective communication with clients and offers good customer service. This will go a long way in ensuring efficient and effective time management for your repairs and remodelling.

With these ideas in mind, you should be able to find the remodelling and renovation contractors that could best breathe new life into your home or commercial property. 

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