How to create more space in your home

We often buy our home with plans to improve on what already exists. Or, we move in and there is room for everything and everyone, but as our family and our possessions grow in size and number, we find ourselves running out of space. But, buying a new and bigger place is quite likely not an option because we can’t afford the upsize, and it doesn’t fit within the budget. We only have what we’ve got and somehow, we need to make it work. So how can we go about creating more space? What ways are there of increasing our living space, upsizing without buying bigger and making it comfortable to live in?

Think about your garage

Your garage is gold when it comes to expanding and finding more space in your home. There really are so many ways that you can make use of this space. Put additional shelving up where to put boxes away. To completely maximise on your garage, buy garage sheds to park your car so that your garage is free to be used differently. If your children are getting older, or your mother-in-law has moved in, your shed can be utilised as a spare bedroom or games room. Connect it to the plumbing supply to build a small bathroom. The kitchenette can be an open plan and the layout based on a studio apartment.

Mezzanine floor

You could also create a mezzanine level in your shed with a pull-down ladder that allows you to put some of your excess household contents away. Make sure you store only the things that you don’t use that often or which are seasonal. You don’t want to be having to traipse up and down to get access. Mezzanine floors have the potential to completely transform the look of the inside of your shed. Do some research on different ways to do it and pick something that you think will not only be practical but also add aesthetic value.

Even more attributes

Just think about all the clutter you have in your property that you can put out of sight and out of mind. All families go through phases when one thing is needed and another not. Just think about being a young parent, who has all the contraptions to get them through a fun but challenging period of their life. When that part is over, they might need the pram or the cot or whatever it is for the next child. It doesn’t have to be sold and a new one bought when the time is right. Instead, it can be put into storage in the shed and hauled out when needed again.


The right shed, if done in a proper way, can add to the curb appeal of the house too. If it’s in the front yard or the backyard, it really can add attraction and therefore value to your home. It can be painted different colours and they come in all sorts of nifty designs for you to match your preferences.





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