What Makes Haines City Ideal for Your Next Holiday Trip?

Haines City is located in Polk County, Florida. Known as the heart of Florida, in recent years it has experienced a ton lot of economic growth as well being one of the easiest access ways to Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort which is a tremendous tourist attraction with an attendance of 52 million visitors annually. However, the Clay Cut, the previous name of the city before it was incorporated under the General Statutes of Florida, has been the center for many recreational and public entertainment activities including the Circus World in 1986 and Boardwalk and Baseball soon after. In this post, we would like to share with you how Haines City can serve as the perfect spot for your next vacation trip. So read along and find out all the amazing experiences you can have in this decorated and famed metropolis.

Lake Eva Park

Withits Event Center offering accommodation of over 1,400 people, the Lake Eva Park has something to offer to everyone. There are numerous basketball and tennis courts for you to take a shot at your favorite sports, plus it also features and well maintained aquatic center, making it the perfect holiday picnic venue for friends and loved ones.Along its lakeside,there is a walking trail that aesthetically decorated with a beautiful scenic view. It is a 30,000 square foot facility that offers you the perfect place to hold a wedding or any other social gathering event. Enjoy the fresh outdoor air and feel complete peace of mind like never before.

Southern Dunes Golf Course

For those who cannot simply go on a vacation without their trusty golf gear along with their side, the Southern Dunes is the perfect place where it offers you comfortable hoteling and lodging facilities for long stays and plays. Often labeled as the best golf course in all of Orlando, there are several restaurants and various other facilities available to offer you the perfect package to suit your sporting needs.

Ridge Island Groves

Famous for its citrus fruits that propelled the city’s industrial growth, the Ridge Island Groves offers public tours for visitors to have a look at their magnificent creation. You are even allowed to pick a ripe orange right of the tree and have a taste of this glorious fruit. For just $1 per pound, you get to pick as much as you want! This is a family owned establishment that has been running ever since 1992.

We hope that this post was able to offer you some great insights regarding why you should visit Haines City this year. There are several Haines City FL homes for sale also if you seem like moving into this great place altogether. Best time to visit this great place is from early March to mid of May as well as from mid of October to early December where you can have the maximum amount of fun with your families and friends while enjoying the warm weather activities to the fullest.

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