Why You Should Consider Moving to the City Of Garden Ridge?

If you are considering moving to a decent place that offers you all of the luxuries of an urban setting without any sort of noise pollution and unwanted disturbances bothering you throughout the day, then the City of Garden Ridge, Texas is probably what you have been looking for all this time. It offers you the perfect small town feel and with tons of greenery spreading across landscape that will make you fit into the neighborhood perfectly without a hitch. Over the years the place has seen considerable development at a fast pace to the point where it is now able to boast about the lowest tax rates than all other settlements around its surrounding area. The City of Garden Ridge is located two and half miles west of Interstate 35 and around 20 miles north of downtown San Antonio and here is why you should consider moving in to this beautiful place with a progressive community and exquisite neighborhood:

Standard of Living

The City of Garden Ridge has an average per capita of $61,875 which is 139.7% more than any other community in the state of Texas and 120.6% more than the national average of $28,051. Unemployment rate is extremely low at 3.3% and with fairly lower tax rates it offers you a high quality of life.

Exquisite Neighborhood

The community is tightly knit together with homes having astonishing landscape filled with large beautiful trees and native plantings. Everyone thoroughly enjoys the fresh air and nobody is too shy to not ask you to be at their barbecues parties which are plenty here. And if you want all the conveniences of the big city atmosphere then you could simply visit San Antonio which is a couple of miles away. Thus the place offers you the best of both worlds.


Based purely on the livability criteria Garden Ridge, Texas has a high score of 83 due to high income per capita and low crime rates. The graduation rates for higher education students are also relatively high and the weather is lovely and sunny most of the time throughout the year. This is why if you ask or inquire an official of this beautiful city they would say that it is not just a place to live but a way life in complete honesty.

We hope this post was helpful in identifying the City of Garden Ridge as the ideal setting for your new home if you are considering to move in to a place that offers you complete peace of mind. There are several homes for sale in City of Garden Ridge TX that you might feel interested to look at before you make your final decision. The best time of the year to move into this wonderful city is around the mid of September early in the day during Monday to Thursday.

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