Tips For Plastering Loft Conversion

If you have planned to convert your Coventry loft into a study, playroom or an amazing extra bedroom, then just know that it carries a lot of work behind it. After all the carpentry work comes plastering your loft which gives it the smooth and final touch and gets it ready for painting or putting wallpapers.

Plastering comes at the end of a loft conversion process, but it is nevertheless essential. Here are a few crucial tips that will help you to get that plastering done in a jiffy.

  • The alterations and changes in the loft space should be completed before the plastering starts. The stairs must also be fitted in their proper place.
  • The insulation should also be completed along with coverage of any extra space that needs to be covered.
  • Fitting of plasterboards can be done to get that smooth finish look without any hassle. It is not a preferable solution, but it is enough when you are not doing any extravagant changes in your loft. Dry lining can be used to paste the plasterboards on the walls.
  • The plasterboard joints can be secured through fibre tape so that there are no edges left out.
  • Make sure that the plastering surfaces are wet to avoid the absorption of water from the plaster.
  • The plaster mixture should be mixed uniformly and use it within 1 hour of preparation.
  • Don’t try to overcoat the surfaces; this will only make it look lumpy. And make sure you scrape off any excess mixture from the walls.


The work of experienced plasterers in Coventry is always recommended, but it does not mean that you cannot do some DIY by yourself. If you are really up for it, then get on with your gear and get the job done. You can save up a few hundred pounds and also be proud of your work.

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