5 Tips for Choosing the Right Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are the ideal window treatment for minimalist homeowners. Their simple design and lightweight feel make them effortless to style and maintain. Furthermore, their versatility makes them a no-fail choice when looking for practical window treatments. Read on to find out if mini blinds are right for you and how to choose a good pair if they are. 

When to Choose Mini Blinds

Mini blinds pair nicely with almost any interior design. That being said, there are a few times when these small, simple blinds are preferable over bulkier or more ornate window treatments. Mini blinds work especially well for:

Small Windows

Thanks to their sleek fit and long thin lines, mini blinds can help make small windows look bigger than they actually are.

Small Rooms

Similar to the effect on small windows, mini blinds can make an entire room feel larger. Their horizontal lines help to draw the eye side to side, making any space feel wider. For cramped city apartments or smaller rooms in a house, installing mini blinds is a strategic way to expand the space.

Extra Privacy

The slats of mini blinds are closer together, so less can be seen through the blinds from outside of the house. They provide more privacy than standard blinds, making them ideal for bathrooms.

Additional Light Filtering

At only ½-1 inch wide, the slats of mini blinds are skinnier than those of standard blinds. By design, there are more slats and they are close together. The result is that more light is blocked when both closed and open positions. If you live in a sunny climate or want to limit how much light gets into a certain room, then mini blinds can filter out unwanted light.

Highlighting Other Elements of Design

Mini blinds are naturally low profile, so they won’t distract from other parts of the room. They are an ideal choice when you a) don’t want your window decor to detract from more important elements in the room or b) want to layer a statement window treatment, such as floor length drapes or textured curtains, over the blinds. They provide ultimate light filtering with minimal distraction.

How to Pick the Right Mini Blinds

A well chosen pair of mini blinds has the potential to expand and modernize an interior space. Furthermore, investing in a versatile and timeless pair can save you time and hassle down the road if you ever choose to redecorate. When looking for the right mini blinds for your home, keep these tips in mind.

  • Look for a Modern Aesthetic – Mini blinds pair best with modern or minimalist designs, so think about the room they are going in before you choose the first pair you see. Venetian styles are timeless and work well with more industrial or rustic design. Thin wood blinds, on the other hand, have a more casual, homey feel, so they might fit better in cozier spaces. 
  • Choose a Material That is Easy to Clean – Mini blinds are typically slimmer versions of venetian blinds that come in aluminum. However, there are also vinyl, wood, and fabric varieties. In general, all materials of mini blind are easy to clean and maintain. Metal materials are almost completely hassle-free since they repel dirt and are easy to dust every few weeks. Wood and fabric styles also require minimal care, but it depends what room in the house you install them. Mini blinds in kitchens and bathrooms, for example, sometimes require special methods of deep cleaning
  • Match Them To the Color of Your Walls – For an understated look, match the color of your mini blinds to the paint on the surrounding wall. Visually, this creates a clean slate along the wall. This technique can be used to make a room look bigger, to coordinate with a minimalist design, or to enhance a more dynamic statement piece within the room. 
  • Go Cordless – A primary reason why people choose mini blinds in favor of other window treatments is because they are bulk free and hassle free. Make the most of their simplicity by choosing a cordless version. Without a tangled cord dangling off to one side, they can maintain their symmetry and clean shape. Beyond visual minimalism, a cordless option also makes the blinds easier to handle. There’s no risk of fraying or tangling cords, and the blinds are easier to tilt and lift. 
  • Opt for Fitted Blinds – Fit your mini blinds to sit within the window frame rather than laying outside of it. This tip is especially important if you’re installing the window treatment in a small room. Hanging blinds within the recess looks more seamless and creates flat surface from wall to window. By avoiding extra bulk near the window, this helps prevent the room from looking crowded or cluttered. 

Mini blinds are undeniably sleek and modern. Their minimalist structure and style make it so that they look great in any room of the house. More than that, a reliable pair is effortless to adjust and easy to clean. Follow the above tips to find mini blinds that are both hassle-free and stylish. 


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