How Much Does Artificial Grass Actually Cost?

It’s no secret that artificial grass has fast become the first choice for many homeowners looking to upgrade their gardens into contemporary, low maintenance outdoor spaces. With a multitude of purposes and a range of styles and finishes available, artificial turf is not only being used in domestic gardens, but in commercial settings too, such as gyms, offices, exhibitions, and even doggy day care!

Of course, the first thing many people consider before buying artificial grass is the cost of the product itself. Many understand that the benefits of artificial grass are worth the investment and are therefore willing to allocate a sizable budget to landscaping their homes or businesses.

So, how much does artificial grass actually cost?

Every artificial grass supplier will have their own pricing structure, so before placing an order, it is important to ensure that you gather a range of quotes for your project so that you’re comfortable with the price you are given for the product you will receive.

When it comes to the cost of artificial grass, there will be a few factors to consider:


Obviously, the size of artificial grass you require will be reflected in the overall cost of your order. The more you order, the more expensive it will be. Generally, suppliers sell artificial turf per m2. If you have a very specific shape of space to fill with grass, it may be slightly more expensive as you will need a larger amount but end up with more waste than someone who, for instance, places are order for a square or rectangular area.


Not dissimilar from carpets, artificial grass is available to purchase in a range of styles to suit a variety of budgets. If you have a very small square garden that you are looking to fit with artificial turf, but you have a sizable budget, you may opt for a more premium style and pile. When placing an order for artificial grass, it would certainly be worth exploring the various qualities available to see exactly what you are able to get for your money and of course, to match your preferences. Most suppliers offer a wide range of grasses – from budget to luxury and more.


Some people prefer to install their own artificial grass, whereas others wish for their new artificial turf to be both supplied and installed to save time. Obviously, an additional cost will be incurred should you opt for installation too. However, many people are happy to foot this bill to ensure that their lawn is fitted correctly and professionally.


When preparing your lawn for the installation of artificial grass, it may be useful to consider the costs that could be incurred. For instance, getting rid of your current real grass or patio may call for skip hire. If you are unable to complete this task yourself, you may need to hire a professional and pay for labour. A good idea would be to speak to a supplier and see if they offer this as part of the installation process.


Just like with a new carpet, most installations of artificial grass require underlay. The type of underlay needed for your grass mostly depends upon the surface on which your grass will be installed. It is important that you have the correct underlay as this is imperative for drainage. Improper drainage can result in your garden and grass becoming waterlogged and weather damaged, so it’s vital that this is avoided.

As well as this, many artificial grass suppliers also offer a range of complementary products so that you are able to order all products needed for your landscaping project from the one location. For instance, homeowners renovating their gardens in 2021 often choose artificial grass alongside composite decking for a full makeover. It is important to budget for additional products if you think this is something that you might consider.

Smaller, yet necessary extras, also must be considered when setting aside budget for the installation of artificial grass. Products such as jointing adhesive and weed membranes are intrinsic to ensure that your new artificial lawn is a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution.

So, what might your artificial grass cost?

The cost for your artificial grass will come down to the size, quality, installation, preparation and extras. For each person, circumstances and budget will vary so it’s impossible to offer a ‘one size fits all’ quote, however you can expect to pay anything from £300-£3000. Of course, this could be more or less dependent upon those factors. For an accurate quote, the best course of action is to contact a supplier and submit your measurements and requirements.

Whatever your quote, be sure to consider the value of this investment to your property or premises!

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