How to Make the Most of Your Garden

Having your own garden is a joy, but it can also feel like hard work at times. During summer, you want to be able to relax and enjoy your outdoor space as much as possible. With some simple tips, you can transform your garden into a gorgeous summer oasis that feels effortless. Read on for ideas on summer houses, seating areas, planting, and more.

Add a Summer House

One excellent way to enjoy your garden in the warmer months is by adding a summer house. These small outdoor buildings can be used as an extra living space, craft room, home office or place to entertain guests. When designing your bespoke summer house with Woodpro, consider adding electricity so you can use lighting and electric heaters on cooler evenings. Then, make sure to include windows on multiple sides to take advantage of garden views and natural light. Furnish your summer house with comfortable seating, a small table and perhaps a mini fridge so you have everything you need to relax outdoors for hours.

Create Relaxing Seating Areas

In addition to your summer house, incorporate multiple seating areas around your garden. Opt for weather-resistant furniture such as teak or rattan so you can leave chairs and tables outside year-round. Place one seating area on a patio for al fresco dining. Add a fire pit and cosy chairs in another corner so you have a spot to gather around on summer evenings. Install a porch swing or hammock in a shady, peaceful spot for afternoon naps. The more seating options you include, the more ways you’ll find to enjoy your outdoor oasis.

Strategically Plant Flowers & Trees 

When planning your garden, strategically place flowers, trees and plants to make things feel lush and inviting in summer. Plant fragrant flowers like honeysuckle and jasmine near doors, windows and seating areas so you enjoy their sweet scent as much as possible. Position taller trees like silver birch to provide ample shade over hammocks, swings and benches on hot afternoons. Choose low-maintenance perennials that thrive in summer heat while providing long-lasting colour. Place potted plants and flowers near the entrance to your summer house to enhance the space.

Add Water Features

The sound and movement of water can make a garden feel cooler in summer while also helping to attract birds and butterflies. So, it can be a great idea to install an elegant, tiered fountain as the central focal point of your garden. Add a small lily pond with a bubbling rock waterfall feature for relaxation. For smaller spaces, incorporate solar-powered water features placed strategically around plants. On hot days, spend time sitting near these mini oases watching the sunlight dance across the water.

With the right mix of design elements like summer houses, seating areas, lush plants and water features, you can create your ideal secret garden hideaway right at home. Spend this summer relaxing outdoors in style and enjoy watching your garden become a gorgeous oasis.

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