6 Things To Look For in an Artificial Turf Supply Company

Artificial turf, or artificial grass, offers many advantages over natural grass. You get lower maintenance costs, fewer water requirements, and a more consistent appearance. Finding an artificial turf supply company that meets all your needs is a great place to start with your landscaping project. Here are some things to look for in an artificial turf supply company:

Professional Installation Services

Look for a company that can provide professional installation services after purchasing your artificial turf. They will have the experience and tools necessary for a successful installation. Many companies also offer maintenance services. These can help if you need clarification on how often your artificial turf needs maintenance. They can also advise how to care for your turf to keep it looking its best.

Variety of Turf Options

A good artificial turf supply company offers various turf options, including nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. These materials also come in multiple colors, heights, and textures. Polyethylene has a softer, more natural feel than nylon and is ideal for children’s play areas. Nylon turf has a longer lifespan and is more weathering-resistant, while polypropylene is the most affordable option.

Quality and Durable Turf

Higher-quality materials like nylon are more durable and feature benefits such as antimicrobial treatments or UV protection. Request samples of their turf to get a better feel of the texture, color, and overall quality.

Experience in the Artificial Turf Industry

An experienced artificial turf supply company will have seen and dealt with many landscaping projects. Here are various turf applications that quality artificial turf companies might have experience with:

Lawns & Landscape

Lawn areas and landscape applications like gardens require an earth-friendly turf that is highly resistant to staining and fading. The longevity of the turf also matters since it must withstand foot traffic and daily wear and tear. Replacing grass lawns with artificial turf reduces lawn maintenance costs and eliminates the need for fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Rooftops & Patios

Rooftops and patios often require specialized turf resistant to extreme weather conditions like sun exposure, rain, and wind. This type of turf does not demand much upkeep and can remain beautiful for several years. It doesn’t encounter much foot traffic, so that you can choose a turf with a softer feel for the feet.

Indoor Sports Surfaces

Ideal indoor sports surfaces provide a level playing field and good cushioning. Artificial turf for indoor sports like basketball, volleyball, tennis, and badminton features shock-absorbent foam layers beneath the grass blades. This foam reduces the risk of strains and injuries.

Dog and Pet Areas

Artificial turf for pet areas needs excellent drainage and a non-abrasive backing. Turf with a shorter pile height is more suitable for pets since it reduces the risk of skin irritation. The time your pet spends outdoors, and their size also play a role in choosing the most suitable turf. If they spend a lot of time outside, you should opt for materials that are more resistant to wear and tear.

Excellent Customer Service

If you are purchasing and installing artificial turf for the first time, you will likely have many questions. You may want to know which materials are best suited for your needs, the installation process, and the expected lifespan of your artificial turf. You may also have more general questions about turf maintenance and upkeep. A good artificial turf company should be willing to answer all your questions and provide the best advice for your project. They should also be willing to work with you to find a turf solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. 

Reasonable and Transparent Pricing

The cost of artificial turf can vary depending on the materials used, shipping costs, and installation fees. A reliable supplier will first ask for information about your project. This includes the lawn size, materials you’re considering, and what the space is used for. They then schedule a phone or in-person consultation with you to explain the pricing structure and a turf installation timeline.

Partner With the Right Artificial Turf Supply Company

Finding a reliable artificial turf supply company can lead to a successful landscaping project. When you have the right partner, your artificial turf can look great for many years and provide a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. You can enjoy beautiful turf with proper installation, water conservation, and regular maintenance. 

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