Wall Decor Ideas for Both Inside And Outside Your Home

Decorating your home is an important task. You must take care of every detail if you want to see your home as an enjoyable place in which you love spending time. This goes for both the interior and the exterior.

Handling everything perfectly is not an easy task, though. You need a lot of talent to arrange everything, and on top of this, you need to find some interesting ideas. Learn more about decoration and design here.

In this article, we’re going through eight fabulous ideas that can be used for both inside and outside of your house. They are not expensive and will make your place look much different than before. Follow up if you want to see who we did this and how you can handle it too.

1. Wooden plant box

Wood is an excellent material for decoration. It reminds people of nature, and no matter how much we try to build a society that is nature-free, we can’t help the connection we have between us and the forests.

The wood is an excellent way to maintain this connection and feel happy. Place your flowers and plants inside a custom made wooden boxes and see the difference between these and standard boxes.

2. Chalkboard or pin table with post-its

This is a beautiful way to keep the connection with the rest of the family. With modern technology taking over our lives, we kinda forget to talk to each other. We miss out on conversations and sharing what’s happening in our lives.

Chalkboards or post-it table can make a difference and look good. You can place it on the porch, or in the hallway. Everyone can see what you’ve written, and write something on their own.

3. Jars as flower holders

Jars can be used for various reasons and this is just one of them. Placing flowers inside them can make your place spectacular. All you need to do is find a couple of jars and place them inside fresh flowers. You can also try growing plants and it still looks cool. It’s all up to you.

4. Train station clock

If you love trains as much as Sheldon Cooper does, from the TV series The Big Bang Theory, you’ll be crazy about this idea. There’s something in train station clocks that reminds us of a time when we traveled and enjoyed ourselves.

This item is perfect for both indoor and outdoor wall decor, and you can mount it inside the house, or at your front door. The purpose is the same, and you can be sure that you’ll enjoy its presence. At the same time, you’ll have an item that always tells the time right. After all, it’s a train station clock, it has to be punctual.

5. Cute rustic lights

This can be placed on the terrace, in the yard, or inside the house if the complete interior allows it. Place some cute rustic lights to keep you company on the hot summer nights while you chill on the porch. Or, you can place them inside and create environmental light that will make the atmosphere enjoyable.

They now come in all shapes and sizes. You don’t even have to draw power lines or cords to it, as they are powered through batteries. They can be an amazing detail for your place.

6. Shelves with items

A classic one. Installing shelves and filling them with some of your favorite items. Made of wood, they look good and can help you store some of the things you love but see them stay in boxes for ages.

Shelves can be placed outside too. You just need to add some cover that will protect it from the different weather conditions. A little paint with add-ons to help against it will be everything that you need. Place a family photo, some trophies, or plants. Anything you like will be good.

7. Sculpture in the corner

A fine sculpture in the corner makes a difference. At the front door, a nice looking cat can be so interesting for you when walking at home, and inside, a cool standing dog sculpture can be even more.

Decorations are all about breaking the lines and creating something that will make us feel at home. No one wants to live in 4 empty white walls where nothing makes them feel enjoyable.

8. Coat hanger

It’s practical and breaks the empty space, as we just mentioned above. You can put it outside so it doesn’t take some of the space inside the hallway during the summer, and keep it inside when it’s cold outside.

You’ll see this is something you might have been missing forever. Instead of throwing clothes anywhere when you walk inside, this can be the place where things are neatly arranged and taken care of.


These eight ideas should be helpful for everyone who’s thinking about redecorating their home from the inside, and from the outside. Feel free to use some of these ideas. Going to the flea market can be as good as going to an expensive shop for these things. See more about finding perfect decoration here: https://www.thespruce.com/difference-between-flea-markets-swap-meets-1313688.

Choose what you like the most, and get some of these items. Spend some time arranging them and mounting them on the walls of your house. When you’re done, you’ll see such a significant difference that will put a smile on your face.

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