Benefits Of Hydroponics In Canada, Get The Benefits Of Wholesale Hydroponics Stores

Have you ever heard of the hydroponic system of growing plants? It is being used all around the world and it has many benefits over the traditional growing ways.

Hydroponics comes from two Greek words – hydro which means water and “ponics” which comes from the word “ponos” means work or labor. In other words, this means growing plants without soil as a traditional way, but everything is done by the work of water. Take a look at this link if you want to learn some more on this.

It has been around as a growing method for centuries but only now it becomes a seriously used system. It has been largely ignored even though there are lots of benefits coming from this. In this article, we’re going to tell you some of these benefits. Follow up if you want to know about them.

Takes a lot less space

If you want to work on something but you’re limited with space, this is your ultimate option. Since there’s no need for dragging in tons and a countless number of bags with soil, you can arrange the space in a much different way.

A lot of people decide to make aisles over which the plants are placed. Traditional soil-based farming will require much more space just for placing the soil. That’s why this option is a much better one if you’re limited with space.

Wastes a lot less water

The calculations say that it takes 4 times more water to grow something with traditional farming. When it comes to hydroponics, you’re going to lose a lot less water for growing the same plant.

How is this possible? Simple, when you have the soil and put water on it, a lot of this water disappears through it and only a little of it actually ends up as food for the seeds and the plant. The systems for hydroponics are made in a way for the water to re-circle until it is completely used while the one in traditional farming will be thrown away as useless.

In this method, the crops are grown without the standard medium, but other options are being used. Most of the time, they are placed in plastic and the water is constantly being offered to them. The one they take helps them grow, while the rest goes back in the system and the pump makes it go up again until it is completely evaporated or used. Learn more about the benefits of water here:

It’s clean and convenient

We all think about farmers as people who are covered in dirt and have no problem digging in the mud to make things work. This is a much-sophisticated option and there’s absolutely no need for something like this.

Everyone who works with hydroponic farming looks more like a scientist than a farmer struggling to make the most of the soil in which a certain crop is planted. In other words, you can do something like this for your own needs no matter where you live. You can transform your apartment located in a 40-story building into a farming facility without a problem. Of course, if you plan to do wholesale farming you’re going to need some extra options.

Lots of crops are perfectly grown this way

Some of the most common plants that are being farmed this way are tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, but also marijuana. Since the business with marijuana is moving forward rapidly, you know that is an excellent way to become a cannabis farmer and make some money out of the new liberated laws.

In Canada, more and more production facilities turn to this method. Even the signs of the stores highlight this as an important factor. A Canadian wholesale hydroponics store can be found in most of the cities around the country now.

Faster growth

Do you know that one of the main reasons why genetically modified foods were invented was to make crops grow faster? Using this method, there’s no need for making the plants unrecognizable and make them lose all the natural ingredients.

It is proven that this method makes the plants grow much faster than the traditional way. In most cases, the speed is up from 25% to 30%, which means that for every 4 traditional harvestings, you already have an extra hand-harvested one. So, if you’re planning to do this professionally, then choosing something else rather than hydroponics is really not the best possible choice.

Weather control made perfect

All crops require different weather. Some like more sun, others prefer more rain. Scientists know exactly how much is needed from everything. There is a ton of science on the internet about this. All you need to do is search.

Why do we say this? Since Canada is a cold country most of the year, some crops are not going to succeed in it naturally. But, with this method, everything is grown inside and under a climate that is controlled by humans. You can install a simple air conditioner and control the temperature, while other machines can set up the humidity. With it, you get perfect conditions.

On top of this, you only need to give them water as much as they need, and voila, you’re running a perfect farm that produces some amazingly tasty fruits and vegetables.

If you try to do this outside, you’re going to face so many difficulties. The weather conditions are not under your control, you’re wasting too much water, and you face all kinds of pests that you need to take care of and lots of other issues too.


The hydroponics system is the future of growing without a doubt. As you can see, it’s much easier to do business with this method and it doesn’t matter if you want to go wholesale or just make some organic food for your personal needs. Learn more on this here.

You can do it at home, in another place, or even the basement of a building where no one walks in. It’s so convenient that everyone can do it. All you have to do is learn how to maximize production.

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