Ask these 5 Questions to An Artificial Grass Installer before You Hire them

Replacing natural grass with synthetic grass in your lawn is a relatively big investment. Hence it’s quite obvious to have lots of questions about it before you make a decision. Homeowners love the concept of synthetic grass and how it is beneficial to the environment. Here are 5 questions you shall ask to the synthetic grass installers in Sydney before hiring them:

How distinct is your synthetic grass compared to other products?

Does the artificial grass produced by the company resemble the appearance of natural grass? What are its performance aspects and how well does it withstand against external elements? What warranty policy does the company offer after fake grass installation in Sydney? Start with these questions.

How long does an artificial turf last?

The life expectancy of a synthetic grass not just depends on the quality of the product, but also on the usage as well as the maintenance of the grass. Even though you don’t have to cut, fertilise, or water the synthetic grass, there’s certain basic maintenance routine that needs to be done, which is easy and less time-consuming. A light rinsing at least once in a week will be effective in keeping the artificial lawn clean and beautiful. Any dirt and debris such as leaves and twigs should also be removed. When well maintained and used with care, they could last 15 to 20 years.

Is the Installation Process done by professionals?

A reliable supplier will only use the expertise of professional synthetic grass installers in Sydney with regards to the installation process. If the grass is not properly installed, it could lead to issues down the road. Installation is not easy and will require training and experience to do so. Hence make sure that only professionals handle the installation process for you.

Is Synthetic Grass Pet Friendly?

Your pet, especially dogs, will not be able to dig through an artificial grass that is of high quality. However, your pet does other things that could get your grass dirty, therefore the artificial grass you purchase should have adequate draining capabilities to keep them clean. Not all synthetic grass products are pet friendly, therefore ensure that they are equipped with an efficient drainage system.

What is the cost of Synthetic Grass?

The synthetic grass installation cost in Sydney depends on various factors, hence the supplier will offer you a price estimate once they visit the site. A reliable company will appropriately measure the area and offer you a quote.

Hire an installer that is trained, certified, and experienced. No matter what question you ask them about synthetic grass, they will be providing you a satisfactory answer. Professional installers will always make the effort to offer the best products and experience for customers.