Common Exterior Paint Flaws and what Causes Them

Paint is a vital feature of your home as it brightens up your space and gives your home a character. The right paint color and job improve your home’s curb appeal, protect building materials, and cover up flaws. However, paint can get damaged. Although exterior paint is chemically designed to protect against ultraviolet damage, extreme temperatures, and moisture damage, you may have to hire the services of a painting company from time to time to give your home a fresh coat. Keep reading to know why paint can crack, peel, or bubble:

Cracked Paint

Cracked paint is ugly and can make your wall surface looking old. In fact, it can make your entire home looking fractured. There are many reasons paint can crack. When you notice collections of interconnected cracks on your paint, this could be due to poor paint quality. An experienced contractor like Spray-Net knows the importance of cleaning and drying a surface before applying paint on it. Also, they know how to apply a thin coat enough for total color richness and coverage.  Spreading paint too thin will lead to thin, hairline cracks. Also, using a stiff coating or applying a greasy finish will lead to scaly cracks.

Paint Peeling

This is common in abandoned homes. However, this unsightly feature can occur to your house because of a poor paint job. Applying paint on damp, dirty, and unprimed surfaces will peel the paint away. Properly preparing a wall is important so that paint will bond with the surface. Professional painting contractors know the reasons peeling paint takes place and work to prevent it. But, paint can peel because of an old paint job. There is not much that can be done to prevent this, so it’s best to repaint your home. 

Bubbly Paint

Bubbles can form in paint and make you walls looking burned or infected. This is one of the reasons not to paint on dirty, wet, or warm surfaces. Also, humid conditions can cause certain areas of paint to harden way from the wall surface instead of directly against it. It is also necessary to keep in mind that latex and oil-based paints should be applied differently. This is something a painting contractor should have knowledge of. That’s why you should always consider hiring their services instead of doing the paint job by yourself. A professional team of painters can certainly restore the original glory of your home. 


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