Bonding Upholstery by Sewing

You all have it. Some have it in their homes, living rooms, bedrooms, patios, or even inside your car or on your ships or boats. It comes in different kinds, shapes, sizes, colours, and styles but nevertheless, it is can be an expensive piece but would not only add added comfort in any room, but as well as a touch of elegance. Upholstered furniture can be found in any home, or even just a simple car. From your basic couch to your dining chairs, up to your bed frames or even your leather car seats. This type of furniture or seating can easily boost any room but of course, it also has its cons. Because it involves a fabric cover, it is no doubt exposed to possible tears, scratches and peeling. Think of it as similar to your clothing – with the everyday wear and tear of usage, it eventually would have a tear or a hole in it. A possible instinct you could think of is to pay for a new one, but that is just crazy expensive and not to mention wasteful. You could also opt to take it to a professional, but that would cost you so much as well. What if you knew how to sew? Then you could just simply swift through the best upholstery sewing threads available in the market so you could save so much on possible repairs now and of course in the future.

Heavy Duty Fabric Calls for Strong Threads

Upholstered furniture are not made with the same fabrics used on your clothes. Fabrics used on clothing are softer and easier to work with thus not needing special kinds of thread. With furniture, there are different kinds of fabrics available for upholstering and not all have the same thickness and sew ability. That is why it is not advisable to just use any sort of thread for repairing such tears. All-purpose threads may just be an easy fix that would have a tendency to just quickly break apart again. Not to mention that it could actually be damaging to the fabric of your upholstered furniture. There are different kinds of factors to consider when choosing the right thread for upholstery, and durability should always be one of your most top priorities when doing so.

Bonded Nylon Thread as Your Best Bet

One of the top fabrics used when making upholstered furniture is actually leather which is one of the heaviest fabrics to use. Not only is it easy to clean and very comfortable to use, but it also has a longer life as it gets better as it ages. That is why it is important to have upholstery sewing threads that would best cater to it, but at the same time give the same best quality for all of the fabrics of the furniture in your home. When having upholstery sewing problems, the thread you should always be ready to use that is always in your sewing kit is a bonded nylon kind. Because it is bonded, it is actually stronger than your regular thread. It is not only adept for sewing with leather fabrics, but as well as other stronger fabrics such as nylon, acetate, and canvass fabrics.

Effortless Fix

Because of its bonded protective coating, it has a higher resistance against the usual wear and tear of using your furniture. It would give greater protection not only on brand new pieces, but as well as for repaired pieces. It can easily be used for sewing machines for more efficient sewing because its coating allows tor it to resist heat. You could easily sew your fabrics in less time because you can amp up the speed as you sew and the thread would not tear on you. One of the greatest thing about this kind of thread is that it is resistant to mould build-up, making it safe for your home most especially if you children. No pattern is too hard to sew because its coating allows for it to easily glide and move around in different direction and even do a zig-zag pattern when sewing. Because the thread does not easily stretch out, the seams would always have a neat finish to it throughout time.

Style and Durability

Of course one of the greatest concerns of people who plan to repair their upholstered furniture is getting a thread colour that is already similar to their existing furniture. Bonded nylon threads come in hundreds of different colours, giving you so much options to choose from so that you would not only be able to maintain the durability of your upholstered furniture, but you would also be able to maintain that certain elegance your pieces of furniture already has. You do not have to compromise the look and style of your rooms and your furniture with a bad spool of thread, you just have to be careful of which thread to use that would cater to not only your functionality needs, but as well as your style needs.

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