Willie’s paving specializes in driveway repairs

Most homes and businesses have a driveway which connects the main road to the home or business premises. Over a period of time, the driveway can get damaged due to a variety of reasons, like heavy traffic, poor quality of material and workmanship for the driveway, soil erosion, adverse weather conditions including flooding, heavy rains, soil erosion, plants growing in the vicinity. Since a damaged driveway can adversely affect the value of the property, in addition to damaging the vehicles using the driveway , property owners should consider hiring a reputed business like Willie’s paving for driveway repairs.

Assessing the damage to the driveway

The driveway repair businesswill first check the driveway to assess the damage before deciding on driveway repairs. While in some cases, the driveway may have developed cracks because poor quality material was being used, in other cases the workmanship may not be as per the desired standards. In other cases, the problem may be due to the location, in some areas, the soil erosion rates are higher, causing the driveway to sink in some areas. Another widespread problem is trees and other plants growing at the edge of the driveway, and their roots may damage the driveway over a period of time.

Preparing the driveway for repair

Replacing a damaged driveway can be time-consuming, inconvenient and expensive, so an experienced and reputed contractor like Willie’s paving can easily fix the damage to the driveway by using asphalt or similar bituminous material to blacktop the driveway. After assessing the damage to the driveway, the surface will have to cleaned before starting the concrete driveway repair​. Any rubble will have to be removed and then the surface will be made uniform so that the blacktop adheres to the surface properly. If there are plants or weeds growing in the vicinity of the driveway, they should also be removed, so that they do not cause damage in future.

Repairing the driveway

Willie’s paving has many years experience in the York PA, Harrisburg PA, and other areas of Pennsylvania, are familiar with the weather condition and soil in the area, so they can provide the ​best blacktop service for driveway repairs​. After they have cleaned and prepared the driveway surface, the staff will apply high quality asphalt on the driveway using the latest equipment available. The staff will take the necessary steps to ensure that the asphalt is spread uniformly on the surface and it adheres to the surface properly, so that it is smooth and even. They will also advise the property owner how to maintain their driveway so that it lasts for a longer period of time.

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