Where Can You Install Luxury Vinyl?

Luxury vinyl has captured the attention of many consumers because it is a good affordable alternative to real materials such as hardwood and stone. It is an excellent imitation and considerably cheaper than buying the natural materials. The realistic photo image printed on the vinyl sheets can help improve the overall appeal of any place that needs renovation, and that’s why a lot of people are turning to luxury vinyl when they are on the lookout for new flooring options.

Luxury vinyl can even simulate the feel of the real material, giving a more opulent feel to any place, not to mention, there is a wide range of designs to choose from. There are different types of wood, (such as oak, maple, teak, etc.) or stone (such as marble, slate, etc.) that luxury vinyl can simulate.  

It is ideally used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Not sure where to place it? Check out the list of places where you can install luxury vinyl:


Impression is everything in the business world. That first meeting will be the determinant factor for clients to discern whether getting your service is the best option for them. Impressing them is of the utmost importance to land huge deals and partnership opportunities. You can better impress your clients when you invest in luxury vinyl. Revamping your office space makes your firm look sleeker and more professional.

Another reason why installing luxury vinyl is a good choice is because a good office space should be a healthy environment to work in. This means that the office must be somewhere all the employees feel comfortable and safe at all times. That’s why revamping the office space is a good idea to bring forward a more optimistic vibe in the workplace. Your employees can also become motivated and easily inspired when the office space encourages passion, creativity, and innovation to bloom.


When you are serving in the entertainment industry, it is worth your time to consider installing luxury vinyl floors. It will make your nightclub look more contemporary. This makes it more appealing for party goers to visit your club to enjoy the nightlife. It also makes it look like A-listers or celebrities are your usual customers because luxury vinyl floors make your club look like it caters to the rich. This way, you can attract more customers to visit your club.   


Want to make your hotel look posher? You don’t necessarily have to invest in real hardwood floors. You have the option to choose luxury vinyl. It is the better choice if you want to impress your clients while saving some money.

Restos and bistros

Good food is not the only measure of success for restaurateurs. You must pay attention to details beyond the food. To attract customers, you need to have an appealing ambience and you can accomplish this by installing luxury vinyl. Having a beautiful place to dine in will double the enjoyment that your customers feel when they eat the delicious food they order.  

These are the places where you can install luxury vinyl flooring. As you can see, it is very versatile, so it is a great choice when you’re looking for a good flooring option.

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