Decorating For Your Eclectic Flair

Eclectic is a term that has grown in popularity over the last few years. The term eclectic is an adjective in interior design which has, over the years, been used to describe décor that is composed of heterogeneous elements including a mixture of time periods, styles, trends, colors, and/or texture. However, some people use the term eclectic to describe a haphazard room with mismatched pieces. While eclectic decorating style does have an anything-goes vibe, it has to be done right. Try following these guidelines.

Mismatched furniture

One prominent element of the eclectic design is mismatched furniture. The idea is not to throw together a conglomeration of styles or color, but rather to link the furniture through color. Have one “must have” item which will be the focal point of the room and then experiment with artwork, lighting, and rugs. For example, you can have your Victorian Couch in your living area with a modern, minimalist coffee table. You just have to make sure that the different styles incorporated do not clash and create a chaotic visual appeal.

Layering of textures

In an eclectic space, one way of adding layers without too much visual heft is by using texture. You can mix loads of textures including sleek surfaces, natural hide, mud cloth, wallpaper, and velvet pillows to make an impact while at the same time keeping the palette relatively restrained. If you are going for a masculine look consider pairing exposed bricks with dark metals to nail the look.

Color scheme

When most people think of eclectic style they automatically throw out the color chart but that should not be the case. Deliberately using one color palette can unite the mix of different unique styles and genres. You can opt to stick to a single palette such as several shades of pink. Of you can opt to create a tonal space such as having a sea-inspired palette by featuring cerulean shades, navy tines, and milky baby blue colors. Having a color scheme will create cohesion in a space containing numerous styles of accessories, patterns, and furniture not to forget textures.


Repetition in interior design refers to repeating visual elements such as lines, color, texture, or shapes in order to unify all the pieces in the room. Repeating a pattern throughout a space creates a sense of stability. Some ways of incorporating texture in any space is through curtains, carpet, fabric, or tile. Repetition usually creates rhythm and offers harmony in the space. Repeating a pattern brings the room together in a visually engaging way. But just as patterns play an exciting role in any space, textures can be used to stimulate design.

If you are going for the eclectic vibe, throw the conventional wisdom out of the window. Enjoy the freedom of expression through color and pattern. It is the quirky cohabitation of a diverse collection that makes any eclectic interior so unique. Remember that displaying the item you love the most is the best way to bring contentment in any space. You can go through different blogs for inspiration. Do not be shy to try something new. With eclectic style, anything goes.

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