What You Should Know About Granny Flats

When discussing granny flats, the first and most vital question, before jumping onto any other details should be: What are Granny flats?

Granny flats are also known as accessory apartments, in-law suites, garage apartments, backyard cottages, and many other similar names. As the various names suggest, Granny flats are small standalone units in close proximity to the house. They can be attached right to the house or built a little far from the main property. However, they are to be built in the same boundary as your primary residence.

They are often made for one or two occupants and contain all the necessary functions needed for a proper living such as a washroom, kitchen, etc.

They are known as granny flats because they are often used to accommodate aging parents or grandparents who face problems living in the same house as the other members. However, granny flats can be put to other beneficial usages as well. Granny flat builders Sydney can even make one for your moody teenager who likes to have their own space while being close to home.

The Benefits of a Granny Flat? 

Granny flats can prove beneficial in various ways. They can be utilized for an array of purposes, other than occupying your aging parents, such as:

  • Turning a Granny flat into a home-office can save you from the time and money used in commuting to your workplace. If you are someone who owns a business or has a job that requires working from home, getting yourself a granny flat can help you work undistracted. Often working from home is a nuisance because of the constant disturbances and interruptions. Setting up a home office can also be in vain if it is in the same house as your other family members.

Granny flats can allow you to work in peace while also being close enough to take care of your house. It will allow you to take breaks and check-in your house for chores or other necessary errands. It is a major perk for home-based workers to be close to home and away simultaneously.

  • Granny flats may also be used to earn a constant stream of income. If your house is at a location that can be attractive to tenants, then utilize it to earn money. A well-furnished standalone apartment can be rented out to individuals. You can also utilize this to pay off any loaned investment in the granny flats within a few years.
  • Adding a separate tiny dwelling within your house can massively increase the capital value of your property. The functionality and added advantage of having an extra space attached to your main property can make it attractive to bidders.
  • If any of your relatives often come over to your house for a stay and it gets difficult to accommodate, you can get yourself a tiny little granny flat right next to your house. This will help you adjust your guests without a hassle. Your relatives or friends can also get the appropriate privacy while staying close to your family during their stay.

Do You Have the Permission to Build A Granny Flat?

Often, there are restrictions and different policies based on areas as to what reconstructions and renovations you can do to your property. Before getting a granny flat constructed within your property, according to your council requirements, you may need to get council approval. You may need to check whether you are eligible to make a granny flat within your property or not.

You will have to meet your council department officials and have a discussion with the building and construction division. This will help you in getting the needed approvals for your granny flat. A meeting with the council officials and discussing your plan will also help you in getting to know all the restrictions and draw out a plan appropriate to the policies.

Moreover, there are also various size restrictions based on your specific area that you will need to consider before getting a granny flat. Some areas allow the construction of separate tiny units; however, some area policies don’t. You will have to go through with the sizing restrictions with your council officials and check whether you are authorized to be building a granny flat or not.

Once your plan gets approved, which can take around a week or more, you can get started on the construction of your tiny house.

Designing your Granny Flat

It is very important to design the flat appropriately to make the most of the little space available inside a granny house. There are various techniques and methods to ensure that your granny flat has maximum space left for movement and accommodating every necessity with ease.

One essential way to design a granny house is to create maximum storage spaces as possible. This will help in keeping your granny flat clutter-free and spacious. Turning the granny house into a complete standalone apartment is complicated. It will be helpful to go through space with a designer and discuss how you can accommodate all essential appliances and items without making the house too overcrowded.

Since a granny flat is a small unit, it will also be important to ensure privacy is maintained. The right designing and interior setup will ensure appropriate privacy is upheld. Even though tiny, a granny flat will be a proper house for someone occupying it. Hence, it will be vital to give the house a proper, homely outlook.

Do You Have the Budget to Build A Granny Flat?

Building a granny flat is not as easy as it may sound. Accommodating all the essential items of a household in a tiny space is a daunting and hectic task. You will need to do your research and get the idea of how to maximize the use of a small space. It will cost you money to incorporate designers into your plan. It depends on your budget if you can get the technical expertise of a designer involved in the making if a granny flat.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire the skills of a designer, you can make the use of many DIY tricks and tips to make your granny house designed appropriately at a lesser cost.

Looking into the option of getting house finance to build a granny house is an excellent method. It will ease your budgetary restrictions. You can later rent the flat and use the rentals to pay off your loan. As a result, you will have an increased value of your property and an added space in your house that you can also use for yourself in the future if need be.


In conclusion, if you have the area and the appropriate monetary budget, building a granny flat is a great investment. It will enhance the value of your property and also provide you with an extra, smaller version of your main house that can be put to use in several beneficial ways!

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