5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Cleaner Carpet


The holidays can do a real number on your budget, sanity, and home. Carpeting is a central attraction of any home. And since it acts as a giant air filter, it also affects the health and happiness of your family and loved ones. After all, allergies are common year-round, and many allergies are born or develop right inside the home. The beauty and lifespan of carpet always depend on the care and attention it receives. Fortunately, a competent Macomb Carpet Cleaner can help. But so, can following these five New Year’s resolutions for a cleaner carpet.

Remove Your Shoes

Many people wear their shoes in their homes, but according to science, there are serious reasons to leave those shoes at the door. According to a major national study, even wearing shoes out for just a month can lead to extra contaminants in your home such as E.coli, Clostridium difficile, and even feces. Avoid tracking the gross stuff through the house by leaving your shoes on a boot mat at the door.

Update or Replace Your Vacuum and Vacuum More Often

Modern vacuum systems can do wonders to your existing carpet and flooring. But the wrong options can also cause problems. Know which system and attachments work best for your needs and always use or replace your vacuum with a HEPA filter system. Vacuuming a few times, a week can help you keep surface dirt and contaminants somewhat under control.

Spot Clean as Needed

Stain protection and warranties are common with most modern or newer carpeting. However, spills and stains still happen. When they do, it’s crucial to take care of them immediately or at least as soon as they’re discovered. If you’re vigilant, even stubborn spots can be removed from carpet fibers and permanent stains can be avoided. If you’re confused about where to start, contact your Macomb Carpet Cleaner for some spot treatment suggestions or solutions.

Rotate and Move Your Furniture

Daily and ongoing foot traffic can be really hard on carpet. Consistent walking, playing, and even sitting wears down fibers and grinds existing debris and contaminants deep inside the carpet and padding. Rearranging your furniture not only brightens the room, but it also lets the carpet breathe and redirects foot traffic. Consider rotating and rearranging your furniture every six months or so to help prolong your carpet and keep it cleaner longer.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Macomb Carpet Cleaner

Carpet warranties come with very specific requirements, including maintenance expectations. Yet, many people void those warranties without realizing it. Almost every warranty includes a professional cleaning expectation for every 12-18 months. But some will recommend every 6-8 months for households with high-traffic or pets. Ignore those “recommendations” and you may be voiding your warranty. Play it safe and keep your warranty intact by scheduling an appointment with a competent Macomb Carpet Cleaner. Our experience, professionalism, and truck mounted carpet cleaning system will ensure your carpet is fresh, clean, and family-ready so you can check at least one New Year’s resolution off that list. 

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