What to communicate to a landscape contractor

The plan set out by you will only come to fruition after you work with a landscape contractor. Following which, the landscape done by the experts will remain as it is for a long period. Therefore, the communicative process leading up to that is vital.

Here are some tips to ensure that you work effectively with your landscape contractor.

Communicate your goals clearly

First, start with a general goal. It could be an aim to beautify the environment with plants that allow visitors to admire its artistry.

Next, as you discuss with your contractor or others in your company, you should narrow them to goals that are specific and measurable. For example, installing plants with a drainage system at a specific walkway.

Talk about your schedule

After that, you should move on to make the goal timely by giving a sufficient timeline for each project to be completed. Work out with your landscape contractor a reasonable timeline that allows specific tasks to be completed.

Your landscape contractor will be able to help add to that master plan to develop a functional and aesthetic outdoor landscape according to your resources.

Other considerations like permits and crew scheduling might eat into the timeline. Thus, it is vital that you talk about these at the start of the project.

Disclose your budget

Many clients are shocked after laying out the grandeur of their plan only to realise that it has exceeded way over their budget. You should reveal the amount of time and resources you are willing to invest in this project so that the contractor has time to work out the amount of manpower, services and tools they can offer to fulfil your desired aspirations.

Next, talk through the billing process. Ask whether the bill is paid at the start of the project, in instalments, or at the end of the project.

Ideas about plants

You may have your selective favourites of plants that you want to be grown in certain areas. However, do inquire whether they are environmentally sustainable and realistic. An environment must not only be aesthetic but also functional

Certain flowers and plants may not thrive well in Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Other plants also need to be grouped according to their kind to facilitate effective watering and growth.  

Inquire on the warranty period

You also want to have the end goal in mind and how it is going to be sustained over the long run. Thus, inquire about what is being covered under the warranty.

Feel free to consult us!

Developing a landscape that is aesthetic, functional and sustainable is important.

Thus, do engage a reliable landscape contractorSingapore company that is specialised in landscape maintenance with the necessary knowledge, tools and expertise to assist you in nurturing a landscape that you desire.


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