Things to look out for in your herbicide spray

There are undesired plants that you want to weed out from your landscape or garden. However, there are countless herbicides on the shelf to choose from, and the labels and information can seem overwhelming.

Spray labels provide information on how to use it properly while abiding by the legal and safety guidelines. Here are some things you can look out for when getting a spray or herbicide in Singapore.

Product information

First, there is the brand label for the product, like Ridweed, Barricade, and others.

Registration label

The Singapore Control of Plants Act regulates the import and export of plant products including herbicides. The product must be registered under the act endorsed by the National Parks Board (NParks).

Active ingredient

The active ingredient refers to the substances in the product that will disrupt the weeds’ growth. It is usually written as a short name, like “bentazon” or

in a lengthy manner, like “2,4-dichlorphenoxy acetic acid.”

Safety information

The safety information shows how poisonous the substance is when consumed by a person. Along with it includes the provisions for the user to avoid harm. For example, it may indicate for the substance to be kept away from food.

Next, there should be equipment guidelines given to remind the user to adorn appropriate clothing or eyewear when spraying the herbicide.

User guidelines

Read the guidelines given before using the herbicide, as it will contain important environmental information that the user should abide by. For example, the product information may remind the user to not pollute ponds that will in turn harm aquatic creatures.

Next, there will be a recommended amount of the product to be used. For example, the recommendation may be not more than 10 litres in a given area.

Need help to remove undesired plants?

When in doubts, feel free to engage a reliable landscape contractor Singapore company that specializes in landscape maintenance.

We offer a wide range of services from pest control to grass cutting to ensure that your landscape is well maintained, while abiding by safety and environmental standards.


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