Types of waterproofing your roof with professional services

Are you having any problem with roof leaking? Climbed to the ceiling, you will also have seen the appearance of cracks and fissures, especially in the area where the ceilings meet the walls. There tend to concentrate the greater percentage of the problems of leaks in ceilings, for being an area in which the concrete slab is prevented from moving, due to its impact against the wall.

This panorama will put you squarely in front of the necessity of having to apply a good roof waterproofing that is economical, safe and easy to place. Logical is to assume that these cracks end up generating the need to waterproof the roof to protect it from leaks.

What to see?

Given the alternative of having to repair the humidity that has already appeared, the first thing you will try to find out is which is the best waterproofing for concrete roofs, to save time, effort and money on products that end without solving the problem of leaks. Among the most used waterproofing, there are two systems to repair dampness, with variable efficiency. That’s why the best thing is going to be that you know the alternatives to choose the most suitable for your house.

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Roof preparation and cleaning

The good preparation and cleaning of the roof is fundamental for a good waterproofing. Then you will have to try to identify the cracks and fissures in the roof, which you suppose have generated the interior humidity stains. Although it seems obvious to say it, as a first measure to seal fissures and cracks in the roof, you have to choose a dry day, without so much heat, cold or humidity to favor the work of sealing and waterproofing.

Cracks that generate moisture leaks, should be enlarged with a spatula and clean any remaining dust. In this way the sealant will have more “body” or thickness to support the possible movements of these fissures, without detaching. The market offers special waterproof sealers to repair cracks that usually come in cartridges for application with special guns. You can also get the waterproof sealer in manual application knobs.

Conclusion: Ceiling membranes

For many years, asphalt membranes were the most widely used system for waterproofing roofs and repairing wetlands. The idea is to cover the entire roof of the slab and its side walls to ensure continuity in the waterproofing of the roof. The asphalt membranes are a good way to solve leaks in the roof as they are well placed and pay close attention to the sealing between the different parts of the same and in their union with the walls.


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