What is Metal Stamping Used For?

Metal stamping is the process of changing a flat sheet of metal into different shapes. This process may include blanking, bending, and many other techniques. Metal can be shaped into building materials, car keys, and parts for the car just to name a few of the uses for stamped metal.

Benefits of this Stamping

There are many benefits to using this technique. It can be used to meet the demands of a large manufacturing company. Those that need metal parts for their project want something that is durable, will not cost a lot of money and can be produced quickly. There is where the stamping process comes in.

Basic Stamping Information

Stamping is also known as pressing. Pressing mental will take a flat sheet of metal and then press the desired stamps into this metal. A special tool and a die surface will then allow the metal to be turned into the shape that it was stamped in. The mental is then punched, bent, embossed, or other techniques are used to get the metal into the desired shape.

Before the mental is stamped the professionals must make the stamping pattern. This can do this with CAD engineering technology. The design needs to be the correct shape and it also needs to be high quality. A 3D model can be made upon hundreds of different parts. Finding the right stamp can take some time. The metal pressing process will vary by the function of the metal.

Progressive Die Stamping

This stamping will have the metal go through a different station and each station will have a specific function. The metal is put into a press and then into a die press. The metal is then punched, cut, or allowed to bend. Each action is the next step in a sequence until the part is completed.

Fourslide Stamping

This stamping uses different slides that are arranged horizontally. There are four tools that work on the metal at the same time. The tools can make fine cuts and this is used to make complex parts. This allows for flexible design options and the project is completed quickly.

Deep Draw Stamping

This process takes a sheet of metal and put it into the die using a punch. When this happens a shape is made. This is done to create a series of pieces that can work together. It uses less raw material and can be completed quickly. There are many industries that use this type of stamping in their products.

The auto industry uses the deep draw stamping to make the different parts for the car. All of these parts need to be able together to make the finished product. The aircraft industry also uses this method to make the parts they need for the plane. Electronic relays are also made in this manner.

There is a more commonly used that deep drawing is used for. This process will shape the utensils and the cookware that many people use in their home. The shaping is efficient and a large number of items can be made in a short amount of time.

Short Run Stamp

This is used for smaller projects. Custom tools are put into the die and the metal is shaped. While this will cost more it is great for projects where not many items are needed and that need to be fished quickly.

These are some of the uses for metal stamping. While this process is efficient it takes a lot more time and planning than most people think to make common devices.


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