Types Of Pests Found In San Diego


The temperate of San Diego hovers between 50 to 80 degrees throughout the year, neither too cold nor too hot to drive away pests or kill them, making it a comfortable zone for household pests to thrive in. While the majority of common pests create problems in households in this city, some of them are more problematic than the others. This article makes an attempt to educate you about the types of pests you would find in San Diego, and when you need to call a professional pest exterminator.

Cockroaches: Everybody hates cockroaches. They are attracted to rotting food and water and thrive during the spring when it is wet and during the fall when organic matter is decaying. You need the help of a professional exterminator to eliminate these elusive invaders, as they are almost impossible to detect and kill, have a long life span, and multiply quickly. Having been on the planet for a much longer time than other pests, they have gradually built up resistance to most common insecticides. Apart from this, cockroaches infest in large numbers. If you see one, you can rest assured that many of them are hidden from your sight.

Ants: Ants are a common problem for residents of San Diego round the year, particularly the Argentine ant since they conceal their nests under your home in a huge network of multiple colonies, and can enter your home via the tiniest of spaces. You will often find them in your kitchen, searching for food to take back to their colony. However, once they reach infestation levels, you will find them all over your home, particularly in the ground floor. The red colored fire ants can work in tandem to cause harm to small domestic animals, rodents, and birds. Their teeth are strong enough to chew through electrical wiring of your home. It is best to trace their colonies around your properties (search for typical ant hills) and try to kill them using a mixture of water and white vinegar or with an ant killing spray, available on both physical and online stores. In case of extreme infestation, call a pest control agency immediately.

Termites: You might find it difficult to detect termites, and by the time you do find them they have probably caused serious structural damages. Therefore, understanding about the different warning signs provides you with an opportunity to terminate them before they ruin your house and its furniture. Check the exterior walls of your home for piles of sawdust like material. They are caused by wood eating termites. Also inspect the soil for small and hollow tubes, as this is a sure sign of Formosan termites, species of subterranean termites, which are extremely aggressive and voracious, chewing through wallpaper, flooring, and even through wood without being detected.

Spiders: Typically most spiders inside your home are harmless, and are looking for place to build their web. However, their web damages the décor of your home. You can easily get rid of them by vacuuming them up and releasing them outdoors. They can only infest if they find a mate of the same species.

Wasps: They are extremely aggressive and will sting humans if provoked or to protect their nests. Unlike the other pests mentioned above you can view them coming from and going to their nests, typically built on the eaves of your home or the underside of architectural structures such as balcony and arches. Having a knowledge of the location of their nest makes it easy to exterminate them.

Instead of trying to exterminate the types of San Diego pests you would find in San Diego by yourself, contact a local and professional pest exterminator agency and hand over the job to them.

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