Different Types Of Siding Available For Homes

When the time comes to start seeking out siding for your home, you are taking the necessary steps for safeguarding and revitalizing its exterior. But there are many options from which to make your selection and the one you choose is going to be something you should expect to live with for a significant period of time. 

Making the right choice for house siding Chesterfield VA is dependent upon a variety of factors. Price is important, of course, but there are contributing facets such as water-resistance, durability, energy efficiency, overall versatility, and most of all, the siding you go with should complement the aesthetic and style of the home. 

So which is best for you? That’s a question only you and your contractor will be able to answer. We can, however, walk you through some of the common types of siding that homeowners just like you have installed on their homes. 

Vinyl Siding

This is easily the most popular choice on the market with nearly one third of homeowners choosing vinyl siding to install on their homes because of its long-lasting reliability, multiple colorway choices, and affordability to fit just about any budget. 

It’s also among the more versatile options you can buy as vinyl siding in available in many assorted types such as horizontal or vertical panels, shakes, shingles, dutch lap, and board and batten, just to name a few. Homeowners go with vinyl because it’s easy to clean and it can last for decades. 

Metal Siding

There are two types of metal that homeowners typically choose, steel and aluminum. Selecting either can give your home a modern look and a retro aesthetic at the same. It’s also a great way to protect homes that are built near the water as this form of siding can repel the damaging salt in the air and fortify the exterior of your house from heavy precipitation. 

While it’s also resistant to mold, mildew, or rot, it can rust and that could mar its appearance down the line. Much like with vinyl, it’s also easy to maintain yet unlike vinyl siding, the color won’t fade. 

Wood Siding

Wood is a traditional and familiar option that can give your home’s exterior a natural aesthetic that is ideal for all types of architectural styles. This is also a material that comes in a myriad of options as there are many different species of wood available. You can go with anything from spruce to fir, redwood to cedar, and a variety of options in between. 

There are also multiple types of wood siding you can select including shakes or shingle, clapboard, and board and batten. Any of these choices will give your home a classic appearance that will offer increased curb appeal, especially in suburban and rural environments. 

Brick Siding

For a siding material that is all but impenetrable and is designed to last for as long as you (and anyone else who might buy it after you) own your home. That’s because brick is simply one of the most dependable and resilient siding options you can buy. Homes with brick siding put up a century ago are still standing proudly. 

It also offers an elegant aesthetic that is unmistakably unique and is available in a number of different options. You can have solid brick installed or you can go with veneers. The big difference between the two is that brick is instrumental in the construction of the house but veneers are placed over the exterior of the home that acts more like typical siding you might find in other materials. 

Stucco Siding

You’ll find stucco on most traditional Spanish style homes. Most stucco is made up of a combination that uses sand, cement, and lime and is applied on a wooden wall using wire mesh to keep it in place. What’s really beneficial about stucco that makes it so popular with homeowners is that it can last for 50 to 100 years if maintained properly. 

Mixing the stucco you apply to the house can also be done with certain colors in mind. This is important to keep in mind because painting stucco isn’t something that is done successfully. Most paint will not stick to stucco well and will require you to repaint it more often you probably want. 

Additional advantages to stucco siding are that it will dry quickly after a rainstorm so you need not worry about water damage or the introduction of rot nor insect infestation. Best of all perhaps, repairs are easy to make and cheap to perform.


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