Vacuum Cleaner: The Ultimate Purchasing Guide

The best way to clean up your ‘linen and rug’ dressed floors is vacuum cleaners – the ultimate time savers. Though having lining based floorings and furnishings adds a certain charm to the household, it is the maintenance part that tends to create quite the hole in one’s monthly household budget. So one can play it smart and sleek with multi-purpose vacuum cleaners making the most of them.

Here’s how to select a vacuum cleaner?

1) Types Of Vacuum Cleaners As Per Usage: It majorly depends on the type of cleaning that you are going to use it for. There are various types of vacuum cleaners, narrowing down our list it’ll be – uprights and canisters. These two are the basic household cleaners used.

  • Upright Vacuum Cleaners: Nylon, olefin or polyester carpeting can be best cleaned by upright vacuum cleaners. Onboard attachments and integrated extension hoses make these cleaners versatile. Also, for cleaning smooth floors, revolving brush can be used.
  • Canister Vacuum Cleaners: Canisters, on the other hand, provide all-around cleaning for smooth floors, carpets, and the above-the-floor surfaces as well. Easy to get under furniture and into tight spaces, its hose and wand attachments give flexibility to the users.

2) Selecting Between The Bag And The Bag-less: If the person operating the vacuum cleaners has asthma or allergy then it is suggested that one goes for dust-bags, otherwise it is a matter of personal choice. A vacuum cleaner with bag allows you to store the disposable and then carefully throw it away without coming into contact with its contents. All about preferences.

3) Fibre Talk: Just so you know, every type of fibre has a certain way of being cleansed and maintained and it needs to be looked after particularly. Natural fibres need to be treated gently while coarse material like wool needs to be cleaned with a sparsely packed revolving brush so that it doesn’t fuzz the yarn. Here, the bristles need to be soft. The oriental rugs need to be treated with care and precision.

Upright cleaners work well with yarn material while canisters are suggested for silk, wool, and shag material.

Thus, many factors affect your choice of ‘the vacuum cleaner’ when it comes to sizing down one for your usage. You can find versatile vacuum cleaners at Vacupro, the one that suits all your needs along with other cleaning appliances for the maintenance and care of your belongings.

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