What Could Be Damaging Your Driveway?

Have you noticed cracks, pitting, or other damage to your driveway? Some wear and tear is inevitable as years pass and you drive back and forth over the surface. Prevention is key here, as repairing concrete paving Bellaire, TX can be expensive. Here are some hidden causes of damage to look out for:

Hidden Culprit 1: Your Landscaping

Have you ever seen bushes and even trees growing out of city sidewalks, wreaking havoc on the concrete? Even the strongest surface can buckle when nature gets involved. Your shaded driveway may be pleasant in that hot Texas sun, but unfortunately, the roots on nearby trees can cause extensive and expensive damage. See any trees growing too close? You may need to cut them back.

Hidden Culprit 2: You De-Ice With Rock Salt

Rock salt is a widely available and very effective de-icing product. Unfortunately, it also accelerates freezing water damage to your driveway. Over time, water molecules seep down into concrete and asphalt. If they re-freeze, the ice expands and creates patterns of micro-cracks which weaken the surface. Rock salt accelerates this process by seeping into your driveway, attracting water molecules, and lowering the resulting mix’s freezing point. However, that doesn’t mean you just have to tolerate a hazardous icy driveway. Instead of rock salt, try:

  • calcium chloride
  • mixing de-icers with sand
  • sealing your driveway before winter

Hidden Culprit 3: Sharp Items

This can include snow shovels, tire chains, studded winter tires, and even gravel carelessly scattered on the surface and left there. In every case, these sharp items can nip, chip, scrape, and crack the surface of your driveway. At first, these may seem like minor cosmetic issues. However, each scratch creates a vulnerable point where the structure may accumulate water or crack. Try to use softer plastic shovels, minimize driving on the surface with chains, and keep it swept clear of rocks and debris.

Hidden Culprit 4: Erosion

Water is one of nature’s most powerful tools. It eroded the mountains, carved the Grand Canyon, and in a few short years can dramatically change the look of your property. Severe erosion can alter your yard itself in many ways. It can potentially create drainage where none was before, washing away the embankment around your driveway and causing other damage down the line.

Although concrete and pavement are strong substances, they can’t hold up to the weight of a car when the layers underneath are compromised. If you notice erosion, contact concrete paving Bellaire, TX experts to get it shored up before the structure is completely compromised. The sooner you get this problem solved, the better off your property will be.

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