Seasonal Themes To Liven Up Library Shelving

Themed displays are a great way to turn libraries into interactive learning centers. They help you highlight some hidden gems in the book collection, add visual appeal to library shelving, and build excitement with each new display. This is also a great way to exercise some creativity and break free of tired old themes. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Celebrate the coming of Fall colors with crafting and science-based books. This is a great time to put on display seasonal items like colorful leaves, mini pumpkins, corn cobs, and more. You can invite younger children to donate autumn-themed artwork and craft projects to the display. Older children can check out books on why the leaves are changing colors, the history behind Thanksgiving, etc.


Winter is the perfect time for reading as kids spend days indoors. This season is also when children have more free time as they’re free of homework. For reading material, short stories that parents can read to kids every night may be a good option. For the kids, what about classic fairy tales? Decorate your display with a winter wonderland theme. This might include fake snow, paper snowflakes, fairy lights, and Christmas wreaths and trees.


This season is when kids are antsy to get outdoors and stretch their legs. You can work with this by putting out books on fun outside activities. Meanwhile, parents may enjoy books relating to gardening and sports. Spring is also a great source of inspiration for budding artists. Books that teach drawing and painting techniques may be a real hit. Jazz up this display with decorations as colorful as the flowers blooming outside. This could include origami blossoms, an Easter Bunny atop a pile of eggs, or vividly painted Chinese lanterns.


Summer brings to mind hot weather, barbecues, holidays, and best of all: summer vacation! Kids will be looking for a good book to read during their off-time, so set out a selection of favorite novels for every age. Parents may appreciate books with car games that will keep the whole family entertained during road trips. Adults may love travel guides to local and exotic locations. Add interest to your display with a tropical theme. This could include artificial flowers, Caribbean colors, and whimsical details like tiki lamps.

A Few More Ideas:

  • Organize a treasure hunt for kids to find a certain book on the library shelves.
  • Create a summer reading challenge with prizes for reading all of a list of books.
  • Celebrate the library’s founding with a book reading by a local author.
  • Offer ‘movie night’ with viewings of films from your catalog.
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