Turn Your Home Into Your Own Personal Resort

If you are like many people, you look forward to enjoying the resorts you stay at during your annual vacations. These properties are amazing because of the wonderful amenities they offer, but why only enjoy this lifestyle for a few days each year. By creating resort style areas in your own home, you can capture that same feeling any time you want.

A Swimming Pool and Deck

Whether you already have a swimming pool or you plan to have one installed, you can turn this part of your property into a relaxing place that is ideal for entertaining friends and family. Think about the pools at the resorts as you create your design plan. Start with a deck area surrounding the pool where you can place tables and chairs, preferably with umbrellas to shade you from the sun, and lounge chairs for sunbathing. Remember to use landscaping to further enhance this space. Trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers will make your swimming pool feel like it is part of a garden oasis.

A Spa Inspired Bathroom

The bathroom is where you get ready for your day to begin and get yourself ready for a good night’s sleep. It should be a tranquil place where you enjoy spending time. Start by decorating the room in colors and styles that make you feel good. Splurge on one large item that will make you feel pampered. This could be an oversized tub or a jacuzzi. You could also build your own steam room with parts and materials from retailers like Thermasol. Even something as simple as double sinks, oversized mirrors, or a walk-in closet can make you feel special each time you enter this room.

A Bedroom Retreat

The very best part of any luxury resort is the room itself. Recreate your favorite resort room to use as your everyday bedroom. If you have a particular place you love to stay at, do a little online research to discover exactly what type of bed they use. If this doesn’t work, try calling the hotel to ask. Invest in a good bed above all else. Next, you will want to shop around for designer sheets and bed linens that are soft and comfortable. Finish the bedding by purchasing a variety of pillows in different sizes and shapes.

Once you ad resort-style amenities to your own home, you will feel like you are on vacation every day. A swimming pool and deck, a luxurious spa-inspired bathroom, and an elegant bedroom retreat will help you relax and enjoy yourself without ever leaving home.

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