Tips and Tricks to Brighten Your Home

If you feel like your home is beginning to look gloomy, there are a few simple tricks you can try to brighten things up. Removing clutter, adding white when possible, and painting the wall in sold colors will make your rooms look more cheerful. All of these things can be done with just a small amount of time and money.

Use the Color White

The color white is not only bright but it reflects light. The more white you use in a room, the brighter it will look. You probably won’t want to have everything in white because it will feel sterile and be hard to keep clean, but it can be scattered about in the form of throw pillows, table coverings, and window treatments. Consider using lace curtain panels from retailers like Paul’s Home Fashions rather than heavier drapes. Lace tablecloths can be used over the top of your normal covering, and accessory pieces such as vases and picture frames in white will further brighten the area.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Clutter will make a room look small which in turn creates a gloomy, dark feel. Once the clutter is removed, your rooms will feel brighter. It will also create a more relaxing atmosphere, and you will have an easier time keeping things clean and dust. Begin by sorting through all of the items in one room. Make three piles. One pile will include your very favorite things. The next pile will be seasonal items such as fall decorations or holiday decor. The last pile will include everything else. The favorites will remain out while the seasonal things can be put on display only at the appropriate time. The other decor can be boxed away.

Choose One Wall Color

Bright and large often go hand in hand. A small room is hard to create a bright atmosphere. Fortunately, there are some painting tricks given the illusion of space. Avoid wallpaper as it often has a busy pattern that immediately makes you feel closed in. Choose one pastel or a neutral color of paint, and paint the walls and ceiling in this hue. When the walls and ceiling match, the eye is fooled into thinking that it is looking at a much bigger space.

Once you make use of the color white, get rid of the clutter, and choose a solid color for the walls, you will immediately notice that your home will look brighter and feel more cheerful. It only takes a little time and money to accomplish these things, but the results are priceless.

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