Caring for Your Floors

Your home is a beautiful place, but it won’t stay beautiful without your help. You and your family are the only people responsible for keeping up with the needs of a home you own, which is why you’re careful to keep your space clean and be proactive about maintenance and repairs. As a homeowner, you’re always tackling landscaping projects, repainting walls, organizing your space, and doing everything that it takes to maximize the beauty and utility of your home.

And while you’re doing all of that, don’t forget about the hardworking floors of your home. While you may not always notice the floors beneath your feet, you can bet that you’ll start to notice when your hardwood floors splinter or your carpets stain. If you want to keep your space in tip-top shape and avoid disastrously expensive replacements, you’re going to have to learn how to care for your floors. Here’s what you need to know for each type of floor.


Hardwood floors should be cleaned regularly with a broom. You should also bust out the mob or the vacuum about once a week, just to make sure that things don’t get out of hand. That should be enough to keep your space clean, but don’t forget about other forms of hardwood upkeep.

Polishing your hardwood floors once a month can help them stay beautiful for longer. Still, you’ll eventually need to call in some pros (or put on your DIY cap) and refinish the floors. Don’t do this too often, though. Experts say it’s more of a last resort than a routine thing. Make sure that your floors really need a new finish, and if you’re not certain, call in some experts to check out the situation.


Carpet is soft and comfortable, but its fibers are also very capable of getting soiled and stained. You’ll have to be vigilant if you’re going to keep your carpets in great shape. That means vacuuming regularly and tackling potential stains with carpet cleaner as soon as you see them. On top of these simple, everyday remedies, you should also call in the pros from time to time.

Carpets need the occasional deep clean, explain the experts at Eagle Eye Cleaning Services. Over time, they’re going to get dirty in ways that vacuums can’t do much about. And, of course, you’ll need to call in professionals when disaster strikes: For instance, flooded carpets won’t dry out on their own and will need to be treated by professionals.


Tile floors are usually easy to clean, but it’s important to pay close attention to what sort of tile floors you have and what kind of problems you’re dealing with. If you notice stains in your tile, you should try to figure out what sort of stains they are and how you might clean them specifically. And if your tile floors are porous (as is the case with brick floors, for instance, and is not the case with sealed ceramic tile) then you need to be careful about what you let get into those pores. In fact, you’ll want to be aware of soap residue on all forms of tile: soapy tile floors are dangerous when wet, and when the water dries up you’ll be left with hazy tiles.

Still, you’ll usually have little trouble keeping your tile floors clean. Just sweep regularly and mop from time to time, and you should have shining and sparkling tile.

The maintenance side of tile is pretty straightforward, too, but you’ll need to be proactive about keeping tabs on your floors. Tile and grout simply need to be replaced when they crack or wear out. When you spot problems, call in the experts or try a DIY tile job.

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