The Beauty of Natural Stone

Natural stone is a great design choice for anyone who is considering remodelling their kitchen or bathroom. Stone is a wonderful choice that can be incorporated into any home design. Furthermore, because stone comes in a wide variety of price ranges, you can include it in your remodel no matter what type of budget you are working with. Whether you want to use large stone slabs or use stone for accents, it will get noticed once in your home.

Using Stone Outdoors

If you are ready to take your home to the next level, think about using stone in areas other than the kitchen or the bathroom. Many people do not realise that natural stone can be used in exterior projects. Residential designer, Susan Kathryn Toth, recommends installing a slate roof to increase curb appeal and take your home to the next level of luxury. In addition to this, you can use natural stone like granite or limestone as headers and sills outside your home to increase your home’s wow factor. These are not only beautiful, but they are also practical outdoor solutions.

Using Stone Indoors – Everything You Need to Know

Since most readers will not be looking to change the exterior of their homes, let’s take a look at how using stone indoors can provide you with beauty that will last a lifetime. There are many opportunities where you can use stone indoors. In addition to creating beautiful countertops, stone can be used on the walls and floors of your home. For example, you can use marble on the floors and baseboards to create beauty and interest in a washroom. Another option, based on a New Jersey remodel, is to create a natural stone field by including slabs and smaller pieces of stone to create a stone mosaic. Artistic Tile allows you to create a custom mosaic using natural stones that will perfectly match your current colour palette.

A suggestion would be using a white marble with beautiful veining and pair it with semi-precious stones as an accent. What you will get for this type of design is a custom floor or wall that embraces the natural beauty of stone and creates sparkling highlights with semi-precious stones. Just imagine how beautiful this would look in your home.

Installing Natural Stone in Detail

When you are using stone, you must understand that the details really matter. In addition to the luxurious look and feel of stone, the way it is installed is essential to your success. You want to create a seamless application. To do this, you must pay attention to the details. For example, if you will be laying stone on your wall or floor, you need to take the time to ensure that each vein in the stone is properly aligned.  Using a professional supplier such as Zenstone Ltd will ensure it is properly fitted.

You may want to consider quad matched stones for your walls or hallways. For example, one client created a wall using marble. The wall was an accent wall with a built-in fireplace. Above the fireplace is a television. Although it may be hard to notice at a distance, if you were to look closely at the wall, you would see that all of the veins in the stone run in the same direction, which can make a large impact on the beauty of your home.

If you will be purchasing large slabs of stone, ensure that you create a seamless transition between the slabs of natural stone. Take your time and look at each piece of stone when planning out your design. You want to ensure that each piece is cut so that there is a seamless transition between each stone and your vents, switch plates, etc.

Full slab wall displays are a great way to display the natural beauty of stone. Heavily veined stone slabs add visual interest to your walls. They will also help to create an air of sophisticated beauty in your home.

Natural stone is a work of art created by Mother Nature. When you bring natural stone inside, you will create an air of tranquility and calmness. Very few building materials provide the range of options that natural stone does.

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