Learn 4 Factors Involved in Decorating Your Home From Scratch

Are you starting a fresh life by moving your family into a new home? There’s no need to feel overwhelmed.Keep reading to learn 4 tips for decorating your new home when you have a chance to do everything from scratch. You’ll soon discover that it’s a lot easier than you might think to decorate your home. It might even prove fun!

1) Decide On a Decorating Style

When you’re able to establish what particular design style you’d like for the interior of your home, then you’re halfway done! One good suggestion to start with is using a similar style for both the exterior and interior of your home. If your home’s architectural style is craftsman or ranch, then using earth tones in abundance will pair well with clean-lined furniture and rich, dark pieces of wood.

The following are four of the most common home decorating styles, according to KJM Group, you can consider as options:

The Transitional Style

The transitional style works with nearly all architectural styles that homes are built in. This look is a mix of traditional and modern styles, which is great for updating an older home type, such as Victorian or colonial. It can also be used to warm up something just constructed. Common elements of transitional home decorating include using stone and dark woods, along with neutral colours. Accent colours are typically earthy sages, reds, or olive greens.

The Modern Style

The modern style of decorating features clean lines and is generally well-tailored. Earth and wood tones provide a soft counterpoint to the straight lines. Sofas or elements of the mid-century style fit well here. Modern decor works best in Art Deco and ranch homes, as well as anything built in the 1950s or after.

The Contemporary Style

The contemporary style of design is minimalist, and easily the most sparse design style available. You don’t use many pieces in any room if you choose this. Grey, white, and black are the only real colour selections, with primary colours being the few accents used. Rather than wood, this style features glass and metals. If you’re decorating your home from scratch, then going with the contemporary style is smart for smaller spaces or when you want to emphasise the natural features of a home, such as architectural details or big and bright windows.

The Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse design style proves popular these days because of designers such as Joanna Gaines. The style can bring cosy yet fun comfort to a home, perhaps even with some whimsy. If you want to decorate your home from scratch in the farmhouse style, focus on elements or factors that are inviting, practical, and cosy. Slipcover sofas for easier maintenance, and overstuff them for comfort. Any tables should be wood so they’re casual and earthy. Accent pieces and colours alike need to have an antique or vintage store vibe to them.

2) Decorate Your New Home One Room at a Time

Prioritise the rooms which are most essential to you personally. Then, make your decorating plan starting with just two or three. Decorate each one by itself before moving on to the next room.

It’s a common misconception in design that every room in your home has to match. It’s your home, so do what you want. If that means a modern kitchen leading into a transitional living room before hitting a traditional bathroom, then do it! Your home can enjoy a lot more personality and life if you decorate each room from scratch before moving on to the next. Still, it’s a good idea to use some unifying element for flow between all the rooms. A particular colour can accomplish this, as could some decor item fitting the architectural style of the home.

3) Start With the Room’s Biggest Piece First

The biggest piece that any room has is typically going to be both the most expensive and the most important element. This is why it’s essential to start with this particular element before working your way out. For example, you would start your dining room with the dining table. In a living room, look first at your sectional or sofa. The bed would likewise take centre stage in a bedroom.

4) Be Best Friends With Paint

If you want a cheap and easy way to transform any blank canvas, then paint it! Consider what new colour you could paint each room. This isn’t the time for caution. Choose colours that are bold, rich, and vibrant. Even if you don’t want to get too wild, remember that a neutral shade like light grey or mocha can still have more impact than a normal white. It’s a low-risk thing to do because any paint colour you don’t care for can just be repainted over.

Now that you see just how simple an affair it can be to decorate your home from scratch, you can pick your style, prioritise the rooms and get going. You’ll have a new home that looks perfectly put together before you know it!

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