Making Your Choice for New Window Installation in Fort Worth

New window installation in Fort Worth is an excellent choice for increasing your home’s overall insulating properties and its appearance, both inside and out. New windows improve a home’s curb appeal while offering more light and fresh air in the home, and a much better view to the outside!

When shopping for new windows, you might be surprised at the many options on the market today and can even get overwhelmed by all the technical details and features from which to choose. To ensure you make the right decision when it comes to a new window installation in Fort Worth, note a few simple tips for narrowing down those options. You can then discuss this information with a window installation contractor near you, and know you’ll end up with new windows you love!

Choosing Energy-Efficient Window Installations in Fort Worth

When buying new windows, you typically want to start with energy efficiency before deciding on its style and even its price! The more energy-efficient a window, the less you’ll pay to keep your home heated and cooled throughout the year, and the greater your return on investment when it’s time to sell your home. Note the details that make windows energy-efficient so you know which to choose for your home.

  • Low-E  or low-emissivity coatings block heat but not light! If you love bright sunshine but want to keep your Texas home cool through the state’s long, hot summers, invest in windows with the best low-E coatings you can afford.
  • A window’s U-factor or U-value rate its ability to keep heat inside the home. The lower the number, the more heat the window will trap on the inside. While homes in cold climates want to trap and lock heat, in Texas, you might opt for windows with a higher U-factor so that heat can escape your home’s interior.
  • Insulated glass refers to two or three panes of glass with an insulating material between them. Double-glazed or triple-glazed windows block more outside heat and cold while keeping in your heating and cooling. Argon and krypton gas add to this insulation, more so than air.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient, rated between 0 and 1, rate how well the glass blocks heat from the sun. In warmer environments such as Texas, you’ll want the lowest number possible, to keep out bothersome heat.
  • Visible transmittance, also rated from 0 to 1, notes how much light the window allows through. The higher the number, the more sunlight into your home. If you prefer a shady environment, choose a low number; if you love lots of bright sunlight in the home, opt for the highest number you can find.

Remember that you might opt for different details for various windows around the home. For example, you might prefer a window that blocks light for a child’s room where your child might nap during the day, but want a kitchen or living room window that lets in lots of natural light. You might also choose windows that trap heat for a chilly basement, but windows that block heat for upper floors, where heat might rise and create a stuffy, uncomfortable environment.

Various Styles for New Window Installations in Fort Worth

Buying new windows gives you an opportunity to change the current window style! Larger windows can mean more bright, welcoming sunlight, while a different window operation can make it easier to open and close that window, especially if it’s in an awkward, hard-to-reach spot. Check out some basic differences between window styles, as this can help you decide the best option for every space in your home.

  • Single-hung windows are probably the most common design; these have two sections, with the bottom section lifting and lowering to open and close that window.
  • Double-hung windows are identical to single hung except that the top section also lifts and lowers.
  • Casement windows are hinged on the side and open inward or outward, like a door.
  • Slider windows, as the name implies, slide to one side or the other rather than lifting and lowering.
  • Bay and bow windows jut out from the home in a hexagon shape. Bay windows have three sections while bow windows have five.
  • Awning windows have a hinge at the top and the bottom opens outward from the home, creating an awning shape along the home’s exterior.
  • Garden windows jut out from the home with a glass section at the top and bottom, creating a mini greenhouse effect.
  • Picture windows don’t open or close; these are just a pane or panes of glass, without sashes or any operating features.

Along with these standard options, many window installers can create custom windows of a certain size or shape, and a variety of operating styles. Glass block windows also let in light while blocking the view; these are an excellent choice for shower enclosures, where you want maximum light and privacy at the same time!

How to Choose the Best Window Styles for Your Home

After deciding on the best energy-efficient details for your new window installation in Fort Worth, consider a window’s size and operating style. Dark rooms might benefit from oversized windows without a middle sash blocking the view, so consider a casement window. If you never open the window, such as one over a soaking tub, a picture window is an excellent choice.

For cramped spaces such as rooms with lots of furniture, a single-hung window might be cumbersome, as you then need to reach and stretch to lift and lower that window. Casement windows or awning windows are often better in such areas.

Double-hung windows are an excellent option for kitchens, as opening that upper pane can mean more smoke and odors escaping the space. Bay and bow windows allow for a window seat inside the home, opening up smaller spaces and giving you more seating without having to crowd more furniture pieces into the room!  

An installer can also help you decide the best style for your new window installation in Fort Worth, based on the room’s size and overall décor. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help, as this will ensure you love your new windows for many years to come!

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