how much does it cost to build a barndominium

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Barndominium?


Barndominiums blend the rustic charm of a barn with modern living conveniences. This guide aims to provide homeowners, interior designers, and DIY enthusiasts with a detailed look at the costs involved in building a barndominium, from budget-friendly to luxury options.

1. The Basics of Barndominium Building Costs

  • Average Cost Range: Typically, the cost of building a barndominium ranges from $95 to $125 per square foot. This can vary based on location, materials, and design complexity.
  • Factors Affecting Cost: Key factors include size, materials, custom features, location, and labor costs.

2. Luxury Barndominium Costs

  • Higher-End Materials: Use of premium wood, stone, and metal.
  • Custom Design Features: Bespoke architecture, luxury finishes, and smart home technology.
  • Example Cost: A 2,500 sq. ft. luxury barndominium might range from $312,500 to $375,000.

3. Affordable Barndominium Solutions

  • Cost-Effective Materials: Standardized, pre-fabricated kits.
  • Simplified Design: Minimizing custom features and focusing on functionality.
  • Example Cost: A 1,500 sq. ft. budget-friendly barndominium can cost between $142,500 and $187,500.

4. Real-Life Case Studies

  • Luxury Example: Featuring custom woodwork, designer furnishings, and high-end appliances.
  • Affordable Example: A modest design with basic finishes and efficient use of space.

5. Additional Cost Considerations

  • Permits and Regulations: Vary by location and can significantly impact the budget.
  • Utilities and Services: Costs for electricity, plumbing, and HVAC systems.
  • Land Acquisition: The price of the land if not already owned.

6. Maintenance and Care Tips

  • Regular Inspections: Preventative maintenance to avoid costly repairs.
  • Quality Materials: Investing in quality materials can reduce long-term costs.
  • Energy Efficiency: Incorporating energy-efficient features to save on utility costs.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

How do barndominium costs compare to traditional homes?

Generally, barndominiums can be more cost-effective than traditional homes, depending on the design and materials used.

Can I build a barndominium myself to save costs?

DIY construction is possible, but it requires significant skill and knowledge. It’s often more cost-effective to hire professionals.


Building a barndominium involves various cost factors, from the choice of materials to the complexity of design. Whether aiming for luxury or affordability, careful planning and consideration of ongoing maintenance can ensure your barndominium is both beautiful and cost-effective.

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