Refinishing kitchen cabinets vs. Re-facing kitchen cabinets

Re-facing or refinishing is the best alternative to replacing entire cabinets. In contrast to replacing it is an inexpensive way of updating the kitchen. You can get many designs of RTA cabinets; these cabinets are very affordable and have the best quality. By bringing RTA cabinets you can turn your kitchen into an attractive style.  In the remodeling project, if you find that cabinets cost is going beyond the budget then you can renew your old cabinets. New cabinets are much costly so instead of wasting money on new cabinets, utilize your old cabinets and turn them into brand new cabinets.

There are several ways by which you can upgrade kitchen cabinets.  Due to excessive use, the color of cabinets gets faint and they look less attractive. It is the first thing which is a notice in the kitchen and it explains the style of a kitchen as well as the personality of homeowners. The re-facing or refinishing process can be beneficial to those who have their kitchen cabinets structurally in good shape and they just want to give a new look to the kitchen.

The re-facing has an advantage that in less cost you can give a fresh and dramatic look to your kitchen. You can use different colors of paints, finishes, and glaze. You can remodel or re-face your kitchen by painting the doors of cabinets or by staining whole cabinets. It does not require any expense; it requires your time and some expertise. You can spend your holidays or weekends on a re-facing project for your kitchen. If you do not have enough expertise then you can learn by downloading different DIY videos. This video shows small creative and innovative styles of painting cabinets with inexpensive things.  By doing it by yourself can save your money but if you cannot they do not try it because it can make your cabinet’s look worst.

By taking off the cabinet drawers and doors, re-facing can be done if the condition of cabinet doors and drawers is not good and it requires more expense on wear and tear then instead of investing on wear and tear replacing with new doors and drawers is the good option. The fronts of the cabinet doors can be changed from wooden veneer to laminate. You need to clean the inner surface of the cabinet and sand the outer surface for painting.

You can reinstall the cabinet hardware. Many latest designs of hardware are available in the cabinetry stores. By adding small things your kitchen cabinets new look. You can install this hardware by yourself and by an effort of one hour your cabinets come into a new look. Keep the re-facing and refinishing process cheap. Use your own skills for decorating your home. If you do it with your family then it is a great fun and experience. You can complete the remodeling project within 3-5 days and but depends on the size of the kitchen too.

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