Discover the Many Benefits of Stone Tile in Mississauga

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, stone tile in Mississauga is a luxurious and affordable way of updating your home. The wide variety of products available on the market today guarantee that every homeowner can find a colour, style, and price that matches their needs. Besides their elegance and beauty, stone tiles provide additional valuable benefits for the homeowner. Read on to learn the many benefits of using stone tile in your home.

Health Benefits

Stone tile in Mississauga is great for people with asthma or allergies since the surface is easy to clean and does not retain allergens like carpet floors. Stone tile flooring can be easily cleaned using PH balanced, hypoallergenic products. This makes it a hygienic option for your walk-in tub and other surfaces.

Cleaning Benefits

Carpets can be expensive and very difficult to clean. Stone tile, on the other hand, is very easy to clean. You can easily sweep, mop, or vacuum the surface efficiently and quickly. If you are renovating your home and you want flooring options that will be easy to maintain, you should consider stone tile. It is also ideal for other surfaces, such as a walk-in tub.

Heating and Cooling Benefits

Stone tiles are perfect for all climates. They give every room in a home a cool and fresh feeling during the hot months of summer, and during winter, this flooring can be installed with a heated sub-floor. The heat from the sub-flooring permeates the stone floor, and since stone is a natural heat conductor, the heat will rise, making it warm. This saves you on heating costs during the chilly months of winter.


Stone tile always raises the feeling of timeless sophistication and elegance. Adding a stone tile walk-in tub to your home increases its resale value and makes it more desirable to potential buyers. Although the initial cost of installing stone tile might be more costly than other flooring options, the return on investment far overshadows the cost.


With the wide variety of stone tile textures and colours to pick from, there is a perfect option for every homeowner. You can select from different finishes, like natural, gloss or semi-gloss surface treatment. In addition, stone tile in Mississauga is flexible and it can be cut to any shape, size or application. Whether you want to tile your bathroom, kitchen, backsplashes, inside or outside, the design options are limitless.


Stone tile is known to last indefinitely, provided it is installed and maintained properly. It is important to seal the surface periodically to protect it from staining, which is a small cost considering you will never need to replace your flooring again. Besides, in case of an accident causing damage to the surface, it can be easily resurfaced and sealed.

There is no doubt that stone tile in Mississauga is a great choice for all your wall, flooring, and accent needs. If you are renovating your home, you should consult an expert to find out how you can use stone tile to fulfill your needs.

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