6 Ways to Prevent Home Lockouts

Several homeowners have been locked out of their homes at one time or the other. It can be a very stressful experience even though it’s a temporary issue. There are other solutions apart from breaking a window or drilling your door. These tips will really go a long way to prevent being locked out of your home now or later in the future.  

Keyless locks are the latest trends and many people from different parts of the world arepreferring them to other options. Your fingerprint, a preset code or facial recognition will be required before you can gain access into your home. This eliminates the issues that are associated with physical keys. The best ones are packed with enhanced security features which make it difficult for intruders to tamper with them. It’s even possible to deactivate all the codes and create new ones. Select a trusted company to guarantee the safety of your home.

  • Double check before leaving your home

Make it a daily habit to check your keys at least twice before stepping out of your home. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re always in a hurry every morning. You will be saving yourself from extra costs and stress. Try to place the keys where you can easily spot them.

  • Invest in a key finder  

Key finders come in different forms that can suit the needs and lifestyle of each homeowner. They are usually powered by Bluetooth and the latest technology for a smooth and safe user experience. In addition, some are compatible with Android OS and iOS devices, thereby making it possible to discover misplaced keys or wallets quickly. It goes without saying that they are very affordable and easy to use.

  • Make duplicate keys

The importance of making spare keys can’t be underemphasized. They are a smart way to get fast and easy access to your homes when you lose your keys. Ensure that you make at least two extra keys and keep one with a family member, trusted friend or neighbor. In case you decide to keep your keys around your home, avoid placing them under the mat or planter. The bottom line is to avoid duplicating spare keys.

  • Fix bad locks

Call a technician to replace your lock immediately you notice that it’s faulty. Failing to take this step may lead to being locked out of your home when you don’t expect it. In fact, it will be difficult to open such locks with the right key and it may even get spoilt during the process.

  • Hire a locksmith

Your best bet is to contact an emergency locksmith for a fast and reliable solution. This option will come in handy if none of the above options work and during emergencies. Make sure that you do your due diligence before requesting for their services. You can ask your loved ones or neighbors to offer suggestions regarding the authentic locksmiths in your locality.

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