Questions You Need to Ask Your Plant Hire Company

If you are looking to hire plant machinery from a plant hire company information is key.

There are higher chances of making the right decision when you approach anything from an informed position. Decisions that directly impact your wallet should always take precedence.

Have you been planning to hire equipment recently? Here are some guidelines on what you need to know before picking a suitable equipment hire company.

Projects that rely on the top range, state of the art machinery, rely on plant hire companies of reputable origins.

The big question is how does one choose the best construction company for a given job, without compromising on time allocated and budgetary constraints. Here are some of the questions worth asking:

What is the level of training and expertise of the operators?

When operating with any plant hiring company, you must ensure their operators are adequately trained. That is a solid way to ensure you safeguard your property and interests.

Safety does not just begin with the plant equipment on hire, or their frequent inspections and maintenance, plant operators should also be held to the highest standards. Machinery run by untrained personnel is not only inefficient but posses lots of safety concerns. This goes without mentioning the exposure to delays or accidents.

What is the right set of information to use?

When hiring a plant availability is key. First, will the machinery in use be available when the need arises?

If that’s not the case, look at the average waiting times. The hiring company should easily accommodate your equipment needs in real-time. Pick a local company as this eases the logistical concerns reducing costs surges and delays.

What is the working state of the equipment?

Alternatively, consider this as asking how well the equipment is maintained. Equipment that’s deemed reliable does not run into frequent hitches delaying output and productivity.

Go for plant hire companies that provide an extensive array of modern equipment operating in tandem with current industry standards and regulations.

When was the last date of inspection?

To ensure the equipment you are about to rent is in proper working condition. Check with the rental company by enquiring about their last inspection records. That way you can determine the current state of the equipment.

What is the company’s reputation?

When doing your company shortlisting, ask your business contacts for suitable recommendations.

They are the best people to give you sound advice given their direct interaction with industry stakeholders. Positive previous client comments and feedback makes business sense for any company.

Countercheck with accreditation bodies to see what is the state of the companies equipment.

Trustworthy accreditations are strong signs of a reputable company. Inquire for the inspection records if you have to as these documents form the basis of your inspections.

How much does it cost?

When looking at the price charged for the equipment hire, look whether or not the quote includes the VAT charge. That way, you will avoid selecting a company with a competitive quote yet lacks VAT.

Also, check whether the price covers delivery and pick up to your property address.

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