The Benefits and Drawbacks of Wood Fireplaces

Humans have been burning wood matter for warmth for centuries, so you wouldn’t be the first to consider a wood burning fireplace. Yet a modern wood fireplace also has drawbacks which you need to consider before you rush out to buy wood heaters for sale. It’s worth having a good think about not only the advantages of a wood fireplace, but also the negatives. This allows you to make an informed decision about whether wood fireplaces in Melbourne are the answer for all your home heating needs.

H2: Benefits of the Modern Wood Fireplace

H3: A Cheaper Source of Fuel

The total fuel cost for wood fireplaces in Melbourne is cheaper compared to oil, gas and coal. This can be a significant advantage for households on a shoestring budget who need to minimise expenses and maximise the value of the amenities they pay for.

H3: Local Economies Are Benefited

When you buy fuel for your wood fireplace from local areas, then your money is benefiting the economy of your local community. This is a great way of living intentionally and choosing to support locals for the services they’re providing to your area.

H3: Sustainable & Easily Available Fuel

Logs, wood chips, brush clippings, grasses and lumber yard waste are all easily available source of fuel for wood fireplaces in Melbourne. These fuel choices are also sustainable and renewable, as new trees can be grown precisely for using as firewood.

H3: Non-Polluting Alternatives

While one of the disadvantages of wood heaters for sale is that burning wood creates pollution in the atmosphere, now there’s a solution for this. Pellet stove heaters burn pellets containing woody biomass that has been compressed. This fuel source has been approved by the EPA as being less polluting.

H2: Drawbacks of a Wood Burning Fireplace

H3: Storage Space Required

When you need a ready source of fuel, you also need somewhere to store all that wood for your modern wood fireplace.  If you don’t have a convenient outdoor area to stack all your wood, you could be restricted in the amount of wood you can buy at once, and you might occasionally run out.

H3: Upfront Cost

When it comes to buying wood heaters for sale and getting one installed in your home, you could be up for a large upfront cost due to the need to install a chimney.

H3: Fuel Quality Varies

The quality of wood and chips that you’re able to procure could vary considerably. Standard supplies of wood matter that haven’t been professionally dried can contain up to 30% water, which may prevent the combustion process in your modern wood fireplace.

H3: Produces Pollution

Most wood heaters for sale release gases into the air through your chimney. This means your fireplace will most likely be contributing a fair amount of air pollution.

H2: In Conclusion

Above are some of the main benefits and drawbacks of choosing to install wood fireplaces in Melbourne. If you really have your heart set on a wood fireplace, go right ahead. But take a moment to consider the drawbacks as well, ensuring you make the right decision for you.


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