Moving to PG accommodation – Do’s and Don’ts

It has its own merits as well as demerits of living in an apartment or flat for rent. There is no need to deal with the maintenance issue in the house if any and it is pretty easy to go out for night parties as well as trips. Some minus points are hostile landlords, unfriendly roommates and unexpected increase in rent and other associated issues with the house maintenance cost.

Maintain a balance between the positives and negatives of living in a PG in btm when you depend upon the rental accommodation. So, here is a list of some Dos and Don’ts that as a Paying Guest you ought to follow to keep the situation in favor of you.


  • When you visit the room for the very first time, then you have to look over on the water damage, cracked walls, chipping paint and other attached problems. Also, ensure that all the outlets are working in a proper way and there is not even a single mould in the bathroom. While you are unpacking your luggage, it is a must to inspect the home correctly and do your diligence properly. Note down all the issues and also click some pictures so that you should have proof of damage. Show the same to the landlord and ask him to fix the issues before you settled down.
  • It is not cheap to live alone in a PG for gents in btm, so always prefer to have a roommate and say no to a single room. The cost of living alone is quite high and that may not suit your budget too.
  • Even if you are living in a PG, then it does not mean that you can’t create the feeling of your home in that room. Take permission from your landlord to design your room with some art, stickers and other stuff that give you homely feeling.


  • Be a friendly kind of person or tenants with the landlord as well as a neighbor too. Being a good tenant with the landlord gives you a feeling of peace from the neighbor and landlord too.
  • At the same token, make sure you live in a way that may not hamper or hinder the other person’s work in any manner. Like if you want to listen to music, then keep the volume in control and remain all the common neat and clean.
  • Moreover, paying the rent on time leaves a very good impression on the landlord and you can enjoy a very comfortable stay in the PG for a long period of time. In addition to this, do not ever try to damage anything that owes to the landlord or roommates as well.
  • The maintenance issues are common in every ladies PG in btm layout but don’t stretch such problems to a great extent that it creates a huge drama for landlord.try to sort the problems quickly and if possible, then by you too.
  • Saving should be must from the hard-earned money. When you’re living in a PG, then you do have a lot of expenses and it does not mean that you don’t save anything. However, it is good to save a portion of the money and fix an estimated amount of money for the rental charges along with the other attached expenses.
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