Top Benefits of Owning a House in Turkey for Foreigners

A country with thousands of years of history, from the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Empire, is definitely a quaint and beautiful place to build a home. While most of the countries in the world are busy making strict laws against migration and citizenship, the Turkey government is accepting investors in open arms. The minimum investment amount has been significantly reduced, and anyone who has invested in real estate or property in Turkey can apply for a residency certificate to lengthen their stay in a beautiful country.

  • Value: Property, in general, is costly, which includes the cost itself along with their cost, stamp duty, survey fees, renovations, agent fees, etc. Turkish properties are incredibly cheap and available and have chances of higher returns.
  • Cost of Living: The overall cost of living in Turkey is extremely low. Gas electric, renovations, maintenance, council tax, groceries, transport, petrol and everything else that comes and living costs are low and affordable as compared to your home country or any other country.
  • Residency: The Turkish government has the best, most popular, and successful open market policies inviting investors to settle in Turkey. Anyone who purchases and registers a property in his or her name is eligible to apply for residency in Turkey. World migration and citizenship are getting more and more strict. The Turkish government provides ample opportunities to settle in a better place. The resident certificate also helps in becoming a permanent citizen of the country. The whole procedure is extremely easy and convenient, made by the government.
  • Accessibility: The transportation is in Turkey is another crucial factor for luring travelers and investors worldwide. It is cheap, reliable, and easily accessible. There are a number of airports that have flights from all major and popular locations of the world, along with trains regularly running between Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. There are many mainstream bus networks, along with cheap cabs.
  • Ownership: Ownership in Turkey is both easy and convenient. Anyone who buys property in Turkey has the right of “freehold ownership,” which is free total ownership over any purchased and owned Turkish property. The laws also apply to the land on which the property is built or exists. This way, one can exercise more control regarding modification, renovation, and selling of properties to invest in Turkey
  • Food: Turkey has a rich and diverse heritage when it comes to food. Manti, Köfte, Lahmacun, Menemen, Şiş Kebap, Döner, İskender Kebab, Corba, Kuzu Tandir, Pide, Meze, Çiğ Köfte, Pilav, Yaprak Sarma, Dolma, İmam Bayıldı, Borek, Durum, Kumpir, Balik Ekmek, Simit, Kunefe, Baklava, Lokum, Halva, Mozzaik Pasta, Güllaç, Turkish Tea & Coffee, Kayısı Tatlısı, Mercimek Köftesi, Haydari, Tursu Suyu, Kahvalti, Kazan Dibi, Hunkar Begendi, Islak Burgers, Salep, and Yogurtlu Kebab are some major food available in Turkey.

Another aspect of uniqueness is that the inheritance tax in Turkey is invalid, unlike most of the developed nations in the world. Family members of investors who have moved on to Turkey will be exempt from paying inheritance tax on any assets in the country.

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